Our Analysis Of The 21 ‘America’s Got Talent’ Semi-Finalists


After last night’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ Semi-Finalists performed, we know all of the 21 acts that are moving on. Let’s refresh our collective memories on who they are, what they are doing, and what chance they have of moving on to the finals.

The first thing that you notice when you look at the semi-finalist is that there are a lot of singers. There are thirteen singers out of the 21 and of those six of them are under the age of eighteen. Then you have two magicians, four dance/acrobatic performers, one comedian, and Sara Carson and Hero’s animal act. Some fans have complained that the show is losing its variety show roots by relying too much on singing talent. This isn’t The Voice, after all. But the show has to cater to the talent show fans that are all about the singing. It’s also been commented that with all the children on the show this year that maybe they should consider an America’s Got Talent Junior. It might not be a bad idea. Is it really fair to put a nine-year-old against a seasoned adult?

All of the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Semi-Finalists

Angelica Hale

Of the singing kids, Angelica and Darci Lynne have the best chance of moving on to the finals. She can belt out a song like nobody’s business and is able to hit notes that shatter glass. She’s might be the one to beat as far as the children go.

Billy and Emily England

These two are single-handedly bringing back roller dancing. There is no doubt that when Billy tosses his sister around like a big bag of laundry that it’s really impressive. But are they finals material? I just don’t think so.

Celine Tam

Then there is petite wonder Celine Tam. How does that voice come from such a tiny body? While she’s astounding, I’m not sure she can beat out the other singers. Angelica and Kechi, for example, are much more powerful singers.

Chase Goehring

Oh, Chase. Every nice kid who was rejected by potential love interests in high school is rooting for you. He’s the total package: he sings, he writes, he plays, he raps, and he looks like an adorable ginger Muppet. Chase has a real potential to move on to the finals.

Christian Guardino

This kid reminds me of the soul singers of the 1960’s. He’s like the reincarnation of Marvin Gaye. It’s no wonder he was Howie’s golden buzzer. It might be him up against Chase. That’s who I see as his biggest competition. Christian definitely has the better more powerful voice but Chase has that certain something intangible.

Colin Cloud

Good ‘ol Colin and his creepy mind reading tricks is the more original of the two magicians. His schtick is cool but he is sometimes over-ambitious with his tricks. I think he will be eliminated, (especially if he tries to kill Simon again).

DaNell Daymon & Greater Works

This gospel choir is the ensemble with the best chances of moving on to the finals. The judges love them, America loves them, and Jesus loves them. It’s hard to not feel moved by their singing.

Darci Lynne Farmer

Maybe it’s my love of puppets, but Darci Lynne might be the winner of the whole shebang. Sure, there are a lot of great singers on the show but can they sing with their mouths closed? I don’t think so.


Diavolo is a really cool and original act, that much is clear. But I just don’t see them winning or making it to the final. It’s hard for the audience to connect to a large group of people in leotards as opposed to an individual act.

Eric Jones

I really like Eric Jones. His magic isn’t pretentious or cheesy. It’s not like he’s Cris Angel, the Guy Fieri of magic. I think he’s come as far as he’s going to go but I’m sure he’ll get a big Vegas act out of it.

Evie Clair

Yet another child singer. Evie is great and I’m sure she’ll go far in this world but I think she’s got nowhere to go on the show. I doubt she has many more surprises up her tiny sleeves.

In The Stairwell

This group of armed forces singers are a lot of fun to watch but going up against Greater Works is more than these boys can handle. I think they may be going back to that stairwell.

Johnny Manuel

This. Boy. Can. Sing. The audience and the judges both love him. If this was a straight (adults only) singing competition show, I can see him at least getting to the finals. But with this bizarre mix of folks, he might be left behind.


Kechi will be in the finals. That is our prediction. Her story is truly inspiring and her talent is undeniable. Will she win the whole prize? We’ll have to see.

Light Balance

Again, very cool act. It looks like something out of that trippy Olivia-Newton John movie from the 70’s, Xanadu. But as for winning? Not a chance.

Mandy Harvey

This is Simon’s girl. This hearing-impaired girl with the voice of an angel and mad ukulele skills is definitely a contender. It might come down to her, Darci Lynne, and Kechi.

Merrick Hanna

As far as the dancers go, Merrick is the clear favorite. This kid has no bones as far as I’m concerned. I wish I could dance half as good as him. A quarter even. I would settle for .0008%.

Mike Yung

From New York’s subway system to the America’s Got Talent stage, Mike Yung has had quite a journey. I doubt he will move on but I hope he gets a record contract.

Preacher Lawson

This dude is hilarious. I know Howie feels he is a kindred comedy spirit. If the competition weren’t so tough or he was in a comedy talent show, he’d definitely be in the running.

Sara Carson and Hero

How could you not love lovable Sara and her talented dog Hero? Just the dog by himself is more talented than many of the humans that appear on these talent shows. Also Simon friggin’ loves her.

Yoli Mayor

“The Cuban Adele” is out of this world good. She’s a fellow Cubana so I definitely am rooting for her, but the singing talent this year is something else. Will she be able to pull it out of the bag?

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