Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry’s Daughter Daisy Dove Looks Like…


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed their daughter Daisy Dove in late August. They have been very quietly navigating the world of parenting their newborn together. Orlando spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about who exactly the baby looks like since we have yet to see her picture.

Orlando Bloom Reveals Who Daughter With Katy Perry Looks Like

Leave it to Ellen to be able to get some details about the baby out of Orlando. The pair spoke about exactly who Daisy Dove looks like. “That is a cute baby,” Ellen said. “Katy sent me a picture and it really looks exactly…well the eyes look like her, don’t you think?” Orlando did in fact agree that Daisy has the same colored eyes as Katy. The American Idol judge is known for her gorgeous bright blue eyes.

“But it was funny because when she first came out I was like, ‘Oh, it’s me! It’s a mini-me'” he said. “And then, fortunately, she got those Katy blues, which was perfect.” While the baby does look like both Katy and Orlando, she also resembles someone else.


“But then she sort of look like my mom,” the actor said. “So then I got a little confused because Katy’s breastfeeding this mini-me slash my mom…who’s she gonna look like next?” Of course this led into Ellen joking that Daisy would look like her next.

The pair have gotten lucky as Daisy has a pretty set sleep schedule. “She’s sleeping from like nine until six,” he said. “It’s unbelievable, nine until seven…which is a blessing.” They first announced news of the pregnancy through their partnership with UNICEF which they are both ambassadors for.

How Is Orlando’s Son Handling Having A Baby Sister?

Orlando is already a father to nine-year-old son Flynn with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Orlando gushed that Flynn is “the best” big brother to his new baby sister. Flynn also has two younger half-siblings, two-year-old Hart and 23-month-old Myles from Miranda’s marriage to Evan Spiegel.

“For the first time, he has a sister,” Orlando continued. “He’s very well-versed in little babies. His mom has a couple. He’s wonderful.…We’re at home a lot [amid the coronavirus pandemic], so there’s been a lot of time for nesting and getting him to pick up his room and take care of the baby sort of.” Katy and Orlando have been living together in their California home and were quarantining there before welcoming Daisy. This is also where Katy filmed the virtual American Idol live shows.

Orlando rarely posts pictures with Flynn and keeps their relationship rather private from the spotlight and rightfully so.


Katy previously said she planned to get pregnant after seeing Orlando’s great relationship with Flynn. “It was planned,” she told The Sunday Times. “We went to Egypt in October for my birthday and just decided. I’ve always been so fond of the way he [Orlando] is with Flynn that I think my primal nature is like, ‘Yes, go.'”


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