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Open Mic Nights End On ‘Bring The Funny’ With The Best Night Yet

Jack Tomas

Jack Tomas

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This was the final night of the Open Mic nights on Bring the Funny and it’s pretty obvious that they saved the best for last. Because these fools were funny.

Tacarra Williams

OK, now we’re talking. Tacarra is a brilliant stand-up. Her energy was incredible and her delivery was so polished that she’s a real standout. Chrissy was right when she said that Tacarra’s ability to make things people can relate to funny is pretty amazing.

The ValleyFolk

EASILY the best sketch group on the show. Their commitment to the gag was outstanding. Kenan is right, them crawling back into Moleland under the bed is exactly the right thing to do. Sketch comedy is all about throwing yourself into the premise no matter how ridiculous. The ValleyFolk did that.

Rocky Dale Davis

This guy must have been terrified performing southern redneck humor in front of Jeff Foxworthy, who invented the genre. But he crushed it. I’ve spent a lot of time in Alabama and I’m from Texas so this certainly rang true. Very strong.


This has been the best musical act so far I think. They can actually sing for one. But their song about the big deal people make about taking a break from Facebook, was great. They think they are so cool. But they always come back. I really enjoyed this act.

Becca Brown

She is a good example of when a musical act doesn’t really work. You have to be able to tell jokes AND you have to be a a good singer and musician. If you are missing one of those elements, you are sunk.

Graham Kay

Meh. It’s hard to see someone bomb…having bombed myself. But he bombed big time.

Leclerc Andre

He seemed really nervous. He wasn’t bad, not at all. Just not great.

Erica Rhodes

She was really stiff, I thought. She was an interesting character and I know her schtick is that she’s neurotic but it just kind of left me feeling cold. But the judges liked it so who cares what I think?

The Chris And Paul Show

BRILLIANT. These guys are as good a couple of physical comics as I’ve seen. They are like Laurel and Hardy or The Marx Brothers. It’s so silly but at the same time so dark. Comedy always needs a hint of tragedy and the fact that they were able to combine a whoopee cushion and death was incredible. And the shushing at the top was inspired.

Lucas Bohn

A fun premise. He shows student’s funny answers to simple questions. The jokes were simple but effective. They were also funny. But I wanted more. It was just the same thing over and over. I don’t know.

The Acts That Got Through…

The Valley Folk, Tacarra Williams, Erica Rhodes, The Chris and Paul Show, Lewberger, and Rocky Dale Davis.

No surprise here they made the right choice. Now onto the Comedy Clash where the comics will go up against each other.

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