OneRepublic ‘Songland’ Preview: Who’s Replacing Ryan Tedder?

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It’s the season finale of Songland this week! And for it, there’s a special twist. OneRepublic will be the featured artist, meaning Ryan Tedder will be going from his mentor/producer role to the artist chair.

So who will be taking Ryan’s place? And what can we expect from the season finale of Songland? Here’s everything you need to know!
Songland preview is here and we couldn’t be more excited for the twist!

Jason Evigan Will Replace Ryan Tedder

Now you might be asking, “Who is Jason Evigan?” Well once we get into some of the huge hits he has written and produced, you’ll understand why he’s stepping in. That being said, Ryan Tedder is leaving some HUGE shoes to fill for the final episode of Songland season one! Especially since he’s already won multiple times.

Jason Evigan is a singer/songwriter/producer from Los Angeles. He was the lead vocalist for After Midnight Project and Elephant Heart, though neither found much commercial success. But After Midnight Project did release an album and participate in Warped Tour in 2010!

Jason is better known for his songwriting and producing credits, including Maroon 5’s “What Lovers Do” and “Girls Like You,” Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack,” and Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty,” to name a few. He has also worked with Fifth Harmony, Selena Gomez, David Guetta, Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, Charlie Puth, and Kehlani. The list goes on from there! But it’s clear he’s got the resume for the job on Songland.

Interview with Jason Evigan, who will be appearing as a guest mentor/producer on Songland this week

Songwriters Competing This Week On Songland

The final four songwriters are poised to make a big hit for OneRepublic! Here is a fun video about the Songland summer camp all the writers attended, then short bios about each one.

Songland‘s summer camp with the show’s songwriters

Brigetta Truitt will be on Songland

Brigetta is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Auburndale, Florida. She signed her first publishing deal at just 19, releasing a single with Dutch DH R3HAB called “How You’ve Been.” Now, Brigetta is signed with Prescription Publishing in Nashville, where she’s lived since 2014. She and her brother, Brett, produce music together. Brigetta has a few videos of her singing on Instagram, if you want to check them out.

Brigetta Truitt will be on Songland and we can barely wait for him to wow One Republic

JT Roach will be on Songland

JT is a singer-songwriter born in Madison, Wisconsin to an Irish-Catholic family. While JT is an indie-folk artist himself, he has written for acts like Jason Derulo and Krewella. He also recently worked with Mat Kearney to produce an his album. JT lists his musical influences as Bon Iver, Ry X, Ed Sheeran, Jose Gonzales, and The Beatles. If you want to hear more, JT has a YouTube channel with a lot of original songs on it.

And his original song from Songland is up on YouTube already too! It’s called “Somebody to Love,” but don’t get it mixed up with the Queen or Justin Bieber versions. JT’s song is much more chill, with lyrics about someone he loved finding another love interest. His smooth falsetto and the catchy melody stand out to me. OneRepublic says “wow…that’s powerful” right after his performance. Ryan Tedder says it’s “familiar in the best way” and sings the tune himself. And it sounds great with Ryan’s voice! This seems like a winner, in my opinion.
JT Roach performing his original song, “Somebody to Love” on Songland

Maedi will be on Songland

Maedi (Madison Yanofsky) is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter and actor and the girl you see crying in the promo for this week’s episode! She is originally from New York but now lives in Los Angeles. As far as her original music goes, the only snippets we have are from the theme song of “Charlie Boy” and her Instagram. Just from those, we’re excited to see more!

Charlie Boy, a classic cover by Maedi, who will be performing on Songland.

Tyler James Bellinger will be on Songland

Tyler is a gay singer-songwriter from Jersey. He is best known for being one-half of KNGDAVD alongside Jon Buscema. Their band has amassed nearly 5 million plays on Spotify and their songs have been featured in commercials, trailers, and TV shows. But he also has a solo career with his own music. For more, there’s a few covers of him singing (along with originals of course) on his YouTube channel!

One Republic will be on Songland and here is what they have to say, I am not crying–you are!

What to Expect & Where to Watch Songland

In the clip ahead of their Songland appearance, OneRepublic said they want something different, that they’ve never heard before. The song has to be profound and introspective. Ryan and the band want the meaning to be universal, but the perspective to be unique. This will be tough for these songwriters!

Songland returns on NBC for its last episode of season one, this Wednesday at 9/8c.

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