One ‘American Idol’ Iconic Legend Lost His Job On The Show Due To COVID — Who Is It?

Samantha Agate
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The American Idol contestants kicked off their top 20 performances last week all from the comfort of their own homes. All of the contestants did an amazing job, and Katy Perry playfully dressed as a bottle of hand sanitizer. But, there was one person noticeably missing and one iconic line that we have yet to hear this season.

Where Was Kieran, The Light Guy?

Ryan Seacrest has uttered the words “Kieran, dim the lights,” more times than we can count on one hand. Whenever there was a dramatic moment on American Idol in the past, Kieran was always there to set the mood with the lighting. Now with the contestants performing from home, it seems like they had to get a bit crafty and manage their own lighting. But still, we miss the theatrics and the dramatic use of lighting that we got to see during live shows in previous seasons. It really emphasizes how important lighting is for reality talent competition shows.

Kieran has been dimming the lights on American Idol since the very first episode in 2002 so it is definitely a huge change for him not being involved as much in these at-home episodes. He is one of the people behind the scenes that works hard to make the performances even more spectacular. He has been an iconic part of American Idol each and every season, and we really hope he is still involved in the show in some capacity.


Fans On Twitter Missed Him In Last Night’s Episode

Of course, true American Idol fans noticed Kieran’s absence from the show right away. “Gonna miss Kieran dimming the lights as #AmericanIdol goes live from home,” said one Twitter user. But you never know, maybe Kieran will make an appearance in next week’s episode when Ryan reveals the results of America’s voting. It would be interesting to see if Kieran can dim the lights over video-chat.

“Just curious, but I wonder what Kieran’s up to now that he doesn’t have any lights to dim? #AmericanIdol,” said another Twitter user. Is anyone else wondering the same thing? Our guess is, he might still be advising the contestants on how to work the lighting in their homes via Zoom.

Speaking of Zoom, Michael Slezak, a writer that covers American Idol tweeted “Kieran, start the Zoom.”

The judges and the contestants used Zoom, a video conferencing platform that made it easy for them to perform and to give their critiques. The quality of the videos was surprisingly very good and so was the sound which made for some amazing performances. Is Kieran’s new job to start up the Zoom call?

The Lighting Actually Looked Pretty Good During Last Nights Episode

We have to say that each contestant had pretty good lighting in their homes. This is because each contestant was given a ring light to help illuminate their faces while they perform. They were also given the same microphone and tripods to hold three iPhones to film their performances. Top 20 contestant Louis Knight told the Inquirer, “I’m chatting with the audio engineers through Zoom.” American Idol is clearly trying to do everything they can to make these at home performances easy for the contestants and enjoyable for the audience. It certainly took a lot of preparation to advise the contestants before their performances.

During his performance, Louis’s room was illuminated with blue and pink lights. It’s definitely no professional setup like the ones Kieran transfigured during live shows in the past, but it looked pretty cool. It definitely added to the raw emotion that we saw during his performance.

We are definitely excited to see how the contestants work their colorful lighting in next week’s episode when they perform songs that remind them of home.


Be honest, did you miss hearing Ryan say “Kieran, dim the lights,” in last night’s episode of American Idol?

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