Old Savage Simon Cowell is Back on ‘AGT Champions’ [VIDEO]

Jill O'Rourke
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Last night was all about Simon Cowell hitting the controversial buzzers on AGT: The Champions and making snarky comments that left the entire judging panel confused. Last week, he stole Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer to send Boogie Storm to the finals but this week, he did so much more.

Simon found Freckled Sky boring

Simon’s savagery started last night with Freckled Sky. They are a dancing duo that reached the quarterfinals of Season 10 of AGT, and promised an even better performance this time. Simon caused a bit of conflict among the judges with some negative feedback.

Watch Simon Cowell critique Freckled Sky on “AGT: The Champions.”

Simon Cowell Hits Buzzer For ‘AGT Champions’ Act Freckled Sky

Freckled Sky founder Val Syganevich said the act “didn’t achieve the same level” in their quarterfinals performance in Season 10 that they did in their audition. They set out to improve, as dancers performed amidst digital projections.


Simon buzzed the performance in the middle, shocking fellow judge Alesha Dixon. Afterward, he said he “didn’t get it.” He called it “technically great” but “boring,” adding, “I don’t think you’ve caught up with technology.”

The audience booed him, and the judges disagreed. Howie Mandel said they “deserve to be here.” Heidi Klum called it “beautiful” and said she “enjoyed it.” When Simon asked what Alesha saw, she said, “I see a party pooper on the end,” referring to Simon.

Watch Simon Cowell diss harmonica player Moses Concas on “AGT: The Champions.”

Simon Dissed Another Act On ‘AGT Champions’

Simon was negative about several of the acts on Monday night’s show. He and the other judges were underwhelmed by magician Ben Hart’s performance, and Simon also criticized Italian harmonica player Moses Concas


“I think this is gonna take a miracle for you to make it through to the next round,” Simon told the Italy’s Got Talent winner. Heidi said he was “in a bad mood today,” to which Simon argued that he was actually “in a very good mood.”

Host Terry Crews commented that Simon was “grumpy.” Whether he was in a particularly negative mood or if Monday’s acts just weren’t up to par, Simon definitely had a lot to say. When Golden Buzzer act V. Unbeatable performed, Simon told them, “We needed you tonight.” So I guess he just had really tall expectations.

Magician Ben Hart’s Underwhelming ‘AGT Champions’ Performance

Ben Hart originally appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, and returned last year for BGT: The Champions. This time, he brought his unique brand of magic to the U.S. stage.

His performance drew inspiration from an Indian ritual involving a river and bowls of rice. Ben magically doubled the amount of a rice in a bowl, and then turned that rice into water. The judges weren’t entirely sure when the act was over.


“Don’t tell me that was it,” Simon said. Howie Mandel said he didn’t believe the act was worth sending through to the next round. Alesha Dixon said there was an “awkwardness” about the performance that she blamed on nerves.

Simon was the harshest, comparing Ben’s performance to an infomercial for a rice maker. “For someone of your talent and your charisma to come on this stage with that,” he said, “I’m sorry, it was nowhere near good enough.”

Ben Also Left Simon Unimpressed On ‘BGT Champions’

This isn’t the first time Ben has received a poor review from Simon Cowell. On BGT: The Champions last year, the magician performed a trick involving a 20-pound note. The other judges gave him a standing ovation, but Simon wasn’t as impressed.


Simon told Ben he needed to up his game for Champions, and said he didn’t. “In fact, it was not as good as what you did … a few months ago,” he added, saying Ben “played it safe.”

However, David Walliams called what Simon said “rubbish” and praised the magician’s performance. Still, it wasn’t enough for Ben to make it to the finals of BGT: The Champions. Oh well, winning isn’t everything.

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