Obsessed Fans: Did Julianne Hough Fart on ‘AGT’ or is it Simon Cowell? You Decide

julianne hough or simon cowell agt who fartedMriganka Chawla | Talent Recap

We need to talk about the fart heard round the nation on America’s Got Talent last season. Was it Julianne Hough? Was it Simon Cowell? Let’s take a look at the clip and solve this mystery.

The fart can be heard after the end of the performance.

The possible fart occurred after contortionist Marina Mazepa’s performance in the Season 14 quarterfinals. As judge Julianne Hough was giving her critique, a fart sound could be heard, loud and clear. Why are we talking about it today? Well, we noticed this morning that different variations of “agt fart” searches are trending online. We are not sure what triggered this fart debate (perhaps some TikTok video), but clearly fellow fans are talking about it! Our Google trends are blowing up, take a look at today’s top searches related to America’s Got talent!

Mriganka Chawla | Talent Recap

People are convinced it is Julianne Hough farting but is she? Take a deeper look in the video down below.

Did Julianne Hough fart on “America’s Got Talent.”

Who Farted On ‘America’s Got Talent’?

“You are so weird, and I love weird,” Julianne told Marina after her performance. As she was talking, it sounded like someone farted. Howie Mandel started laughing and appeared to be gesturing to either Julianne or Simon.


Simon, meanwhile, smiled smugly as Julianne finished her critique. “You are a creature, and you unleashed that creature, and I thought that creature was gonna eat that little stinker over there,” Julianne said, pointing to Simon.

Was Julianne’s use of the word “stinker” meant to imply that Simon’s the one who let it rip? As one YouTube commenter suggested, her use of the word actually implies that she’s the guilty one. Another fan said Julianne “jumped a little” at the sound, meaning it probably wasn’t her.

What If It Wasn’t Even A Fart At All?

My theory is that no one on the panel actually farted at all. Rather, it could have just been a noise Simon made into the microphone with his mouth. We know he likes to “meow” into the mic when female judges critique female contestants. What if this is something similar?


Context is important here. Simon buzzed this performance from Marina and went on to criticize it (as well as Billie Eilish’s music). Maybe, when he heard Julianne praising the act, he blew a raspberry into the microphone. Since the camera was focused on Julianne, we can’t see what he did.

Maybe Howie saw Simon make the noise, and that’s why he was laughing. That would also explain Simon’s expression, as if he’s just done something naughty. Unfortunately, we may never know the truth. What do you think happened?


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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