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Not Everyone Is Happy About Darci Lynne Farmer’s ‘AGT’ Win

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  1. LaDonna Hoopes says:

    Sorry to disappoint but it isn’t the second in a row. The little girl who won last year played a ukelele and sang. Angelica isn’t going to lose too bad, I am pretty sure Simon signed her immediately.

  2. Christopher Kessell says:

    Personally I think there should be a lower age limit of at least 16 and neither of these contestants should have been allowed to enter. This is going to screw up Dari’s childhood…

  3. Joy Meacham Hood says:

    When does the 2028 AGT talent star up again. People are dumb for not understanding this a voting contest and we don’t all see or vote alike. It is a marvelous show and I can’t wait for the competition to begin. I voted for Angelica Hale, but Darci won and I love the show so the acts will go on. Thank you for such a good and honest show……..

  4. DDD II says:

    “This is the second ventriloquist in a row who won….not too happy.” lol and then this “I’m never watching this show again.””. Obviously you have not been watching the show much to start with as those two wins in a row were 10 years apart.

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