Nikki Bella Reveals How Her Daddy Issues Impacted Her Relationship With John Cena

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Nikki and Bri Bella’s memoir “Incomparable” is finally out. The highly anticipated story of their life gives juicy details on their childhood and their relationships with men. Nikki dished on her breakup with WWE superstar John Cena and how it had a huge impact on her life. She also revealed a traumatizing event that happened when she was just a teen.

Nikki Bella’s Rocky Relationship With Her Father Affected Her Time With John Cena

On this season of Total Bellas, Brie and Nikki spoke about how their father was very in and out of their lives as kids. They are currently trying to patch up a relationship with him, but it wasn’t always that easy. In the book, Nikkie speaks about how her dad leaving when she was 15 was too hard to handle. This has always affected her relationships with men in the past because she was ignoring her feelings and the void in her heart. In the case of her relationship with John Cena, she bottled up a lot of her emotions.

“I have many regrets about that relationship. The primary one is that I wish I’d known myself better before I got into it. I wish I’d understood how the patterns in my life, and my relationship with my own father, informed how I react to love, boundaries, and feelings of abandonment,” she said in the book. “I think I could have averted some of what happened. Because my dad left when I was 15, I learned how to fill in the holes. I expect to be left behind and to find a way to not confront or acknowledge those feelings of loneliness and abandonment,” she continued.


Nikki Bella Was Raped Twice As A Teen

Another shocking revelation that Nikki talks about in the book is how she was raped at the age of 15. She thought the person was her friend. At the age of 16, she was raped again by a college-age man after being drugged at a party. This led her to have so much pain and grief because she blamed herself. “When that happened to me, I immediately just felt so ashamed and blamed myself, and that’s what made me want to keep it such a secret,” she said. This led to some rocky relationships with men who mistreated her because she thought that’s what she deserved.

Nikki’s relationship with John was the first time she was with someone who respected her. They began dating in 2012 but broke off their engagement in 2018. She cited their busy schedules as a contributing factor to their breakup as well. But now, Nikki knows that she should not be ashamed of her past or blame herself. She is in a relationship with former Dancing With The Stars pro Artem Chigvintsev. The two are expecting a child together and are engaged. She genuinely seems like she is in such a happy place and finally gets to fulfill her dream of being a mom. John was always against having kids and it was something that they disagreed over.

An Outpouring Of Support Has Been Shown For Nikkie Bella

Fans of the Bella Twins showed their support and love for Nikki who revealed something so personal. “When I tell you, Nikki Bella is a STRONG a** woman, and as much as all the hate she gets and the sh*t she’s been through she’s always come out on the other side, I couldn’t be more proud of her,” one Twitter user said.

Another Twitter user said “Nikki Bella is one of the strongest women I know. She’s dealt with so much sh*t for years and still had such an incredibly successful career. She is so under-appreciated and deserves all of the respect. Thank you. We seriously don’t deserve her. I would do anything for this woman.”

“Nikki Bella will always be a strong woman and an inspiration to so many of us. She deserves the world and doesn’t deserve the hate she gets. That woman can overcome any odds that are thrown at her and will always flourish every single time. We love, appreciate & stan a legend” said another.

Another Twitter user said there is a reason why they call Nikki “fearless.”

Nikki’s story will help show other people that they do not have to be ashamed of their past or blame themselves for things they could not control. Her outreach is so large that other people who have gone through the same thing know that they are not alone.


Nikki finished this section of the book by saying “I don’t know what I was scared of, I don’t know why I held back. But I can probably attribute some of it to my upbringing, and this disease of pleasing, of not knowing how to just hold love without rushing to give it back. I have also learned how to sit with pain, without covering it up or forcing it to be okay.”

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