Nicole Scherzinger Is Angry About Not Being Asked Back To ‘The X Factor’ Yet

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

One thing that’s been up in the air for a while is whether or not Nicole Scherzinger would be back as a judge on The X Factor UK this next season. There have been lots of rumors that former judge Cheryl would take her place. Apparently, no one told Nicole that because she is furious that the producers and Simon Cowell haven’t asked her back yet.

Cheryl used to be a judge back in the day and there have been strong talk that she would be taking Nicole’s seat. The word was that Nicole wanted to go back to singing and she had certainly intimated that. Well, I guess she did want to do The X Factor after all when she said of returning,

“Simon is so f***ing last minute we know in the same month that he announces it. We’ll see what happens.”

I don’t know, Nicole. It sounds like you are being ghosted. I’ve worked in TV and they like to do things way ahead of time. You have to get all the legal hoobajoobs and rights and managers and agents in a row and that takes time. If they haven’t called you it may be that they aren’t going to. Unless her newfound interest in being on the show stirs Simon’s cold, cold heart under those deep v-neck t-shirts.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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