Nervous 81-Year-Old Dedicates Song To Late Husband— WATCH What Happens Next

81-Year-Old Granny Ireland's Got TalentRiyanka S | Talent Recap

Evelyn Williams, grandmother of six and great-grandmother of six stole the show with her auditions at Ireland’s Got Talent in Season 1 and does the unexpected.

81-Year-Old Granny Gets The Golden Buzzer On ‘Ireland’s Got Talent’

Watch Evelyn Sing The Song “Send in the Clowns”

Evelyn has been a widow for seven years. She mentioned that she has a daughter living in Saudi Arabia who she rarely gets to see, although she has had a lot of sad moments in her life she had a lot of good ones, too. She came to audition for Ireland’s Got Talent with her grand-daughter who is also a singer and her daughter.

The 82-year-old Dubliner won the hearts of the nation and moved judge Denise Van Outen to tears with her touching rendition of Send In The Clowns. She looked nervous on stage but caught everyone by surprise when it came time to perform.

Riyanka S | Talent Recap 81-Year-Old Granny Gets The Golden Buzzer On ‘Ireland’s Got Talent’

After her performance she received a standing ovation from the entire crowd and all four judges. Michelle pushed the button which meant Evelyn automatically goes straight on through to the semi-finals.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Evelyn told how she thought a bomb had gone off in studio when Visage pressed the golden buzzer and an explosion of confetti fell on her.

“This bang happened and I thought someone had thrown a bomb in. I got an awful fright I started crying,” she said.

Evelyn William’s performance in the semi-finals of Ireland’s Got Talent

Evelyn paid tribute to her late husband by saying, “My husband would be very proud of me here tonight. I hope I deserved it.”


Michelle came on stage to her and explained why she pressed the button. She talked about how the song was meant to be performed by someone who had lived a long life with plenty of ups and downs. Evelyn was clearly that person, and hearing her sing it was an experience they would never forget.

Evelyn did not however make it to the finals after her performance in the semi-finals.


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