Michael Jordan’s Son, Marcus, Said The Best Thing About Growing Up With A Famous Dad Is…

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Michael Jordan is widely known as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. It’s no surprise that his family was living lavishly during his time in the NBA. His son Marcus Jordan recently spoke about growing up having one of the most famous athletes in the world as his dad. Plus, he dished on some of the perks and downsides that came with it.

Michael Jordan Had A Heavy Influence On Marcus’ Basketball Career

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Marcus said that he did not realize the magnitude of his father’s fame until he started playing basketball in middle school. Of course with his dad being such a great player, people expected him to also be just as good as his father. This led to huge crowds of people coming to games to get a glimpse at Michael’s prodigy playing basketball. Marcus did not disappoint and even went on to play all throughout high school and college. He had a five-year contract with Adidas during his college basketball career. In his final year of college at the University of Central Florida, Marcus terminated his contract with Adidas by honoring his father and wearing Nike Air Jordan shoes. This just shows the tight bond the two had throughout his basketball career.


But of course, growing up in the spotlight led Marcus to question which of his friends wanted to be around him just for the fame and the money. Whether it be sneakers or just being around NBA great Michael Jordan, it was hard for Marcus to gage who was truly his friend. Take one look at his shoe closet on Instagram and you could totally see why people would want free sneakers from him or his family. Some of the sneakers are custom made and haven’t even been worn. That is definitely one of the perks of growing up in the spotlight, unlimited shoes!


Marcus Loved One Specific Thing About Being The Child of A Celebrity

The Jordan family knew how to travel in style. Marcus was asked about what his favorite thing was growing up with a famous dad. “I grew up playing Playstation on a private jet,” Marcus said. It sounds like he was truly living the good life. But, his mother made sure the family had a relatively normal life and remained humble. Marcus and his siblings even went to public school. A lot of celebrities send their kids to private schools due to their celebrity status. It really goes to show you that although some parts of the Jordan’s lives were extravagant, at the end of the day they were just normal kids.

In another interview on The Today Show, Marcus and his brother Jeffrey and sister Jasmine spoke about Michael Jordan’s new docuseries The Last Dance. It tells the story of the Chicago Bulls 1997 season and how Michael led the team to six NBA championships in eight years. Jeffrey said he was more aware of his father’s celebrity status early on in his life. The siblings all agreed that they are “blessed” to have grown up with their family dynamic. Even when both of his sons played basketball, Michael just wanted them to have fun and enjoy life at the end of the day.

Marcus Has A Business Inspired By His Childhood

Within the Jordan family residence growing up, their house had a trophy room. It included trophies and awards that not only Michael earned, but that his children earned from playing basketball as well. It always attracted the attention of everyone that came over. The trophy room celebrated all of the victories that the Jordan family has had in their lives. Marcus then started a family business called Trophy Room.

According to the Trophy Room website, the business “pays homage to Michael Jordan’s NBA career via Upper Deck Authenticated memorabilia. Through relationships with Jordan Brand, Nike Inc, & Upper Deck Authenticated; TROPHY ROOM aspires to offer footwear, apparel, & memorabilia that will serve as trophies to its loyal & dedicated consumers.” Marcus posted a clip on his Instagram with Jeffrey when they were a lot younger.


In this clip, Marcus speaks about Jordan sneakers and how they can create some new styles while he and his brother lounge on their home basketball court. He had the entrepreneurial spirit even as a young boy.


Even while growing up with a famous father, it does seem like Marcus and the rest of his siblings are extremely grateful for the life they have and are still very humble.

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