Got Talent

Mel B Storms Off After Simon Cowell Insult

Last night’s America’s Got Talent was certainly…memorable. It all started off innocently enough and then turned downright ugly. It ended with an act gone horribly wrong, Mel B storming off, and Simon Cowell all wet.

Demian Aditya is an escapist who was attempting to wow the judges with his Houdini-like antics. He was nailed into a wooden box suspended by a rope over three flaming spikes. I’ll say this for the guy, he’s got a flare for the dramatic, (see what I did there). The other end of the rope was slowly being burned by a blowtorch. Demian had to get loose before the rope burned all the way and he dropped to his doom on live TV. The moment of truth came and the box did not drop on the spikes. A technical problem, as explained by host Tyra Banks, prevented the box from dropping. This glitch led Mel B to give him the old buzzer.

Demian emerged, unscathed, of course. That’s when Simon decided that he was going to make a little joke at Mel B’s expense. He said,

“I kind of imagine this would be like Mel B’s wedding night. A lot of anticipation, not much promise or delivery.”

Mel B then threw her drink on Simon and stormed off the judge’s platform. Yikes. Given the issues poor Mel has had in her relationships, (including an abusive marriage to Stephen Belafonte), you’d think Simon would be more sensitive. But then that wouldn’t be very Simon, would it?