Mel B Says Simon Cowell Saved Her Life During Abusive Marriage — Where Does Their Relationship Stand Today?

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Last year, former America’s Got Talent judge Mel B sat down with Access to discuss the alleged abuse claims against her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte. In the interview, she credited Simon Cowell for saving her life. But where does the pair’s relationship stand today?

Mel and Stephen first made headlines after it was revealed they separated in 2016 and went on with divorce proceedings in 2017. This came after she alleged that he reportedly beat her several times throughout the marriage. She maintains that he put her through years of mental and physical abuse and forced her into having sexual relationships with other people during their marriage. He continued to repeatedly deny the claims against him.

Mel B Opened Up About Her Relationship With Simon Cowell

Getting close on America’s Got Talent, Mel said Simon became a father figure to her. She went on to say that Simon has always been there to talk to when times got hard. “He’s always been very emotionally supportive probably sometimes without even realizing it,” she said. In her book “Brutally Honest,” she mentioned that there were always rumors swirling that she and Simon had a romantic relationship outside of just their friendship which she has always denied. “We have a great deal of respect for each other” she continued. Simon has brought Mel onto several of his shows in addition to America’s Got Talent and she thanked him for all of the opportunities that he has given her.


For Mel, Simon could tell when something was bothering her without the pair even exchanging words throughout the most trying times of her marriage. She recalled one time where he grabbed her hand backstage to ask her if she was ok. Mel left a few times during the marriage but always ended up coming back. Simon was one of the first people who knew about Mel’s troubles in her marriage and insisted that she take a break from work. But Mel wanted to keep working and pretend everything was ok. “I was crying for help in many different ways but didn’t think that anyone would believe me,” she said. But Simon believed her right away. “He knew something was going on and probably feared the worst for me.”

Where Does Simon And Mel’s Relationship Stand Today?

Mel B and Simon are still very close friends. So much so, that rumors have recently begun swirling again that the pair were having an affair. Simon’s longtime girlfriend Lauren Silverman reportedly sent Mel texts in a jealous rage, to which Mel denied all claims. Mel has also taken steps to get her career back on track after America’s Got Talent and her divorce, joining the Spice Girls farewell tour set to start in 2021. She has also taken a hiatus from posting on social media as she used to post a ton of pictures hanging out with her two youngest daughters.


Mel thanks Simon for helping her through such a difficult time in her life and saving her when she needed it the most regardless if they had their share of bickering on America’s Got Talent.


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