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The Voice: Meghan Trainor Forgets to Wear her Pants and Wedding Ring — Twitter Reacts



Meghan Trainor all about that base wedding ring

On this week’s episode of The Voice, Meghan Trainor and Mike Sabath hit the stage to perform their new hit song Wave. Trainor appeared on stage dressed in a white bottomless dress that has sparked a row on Twitter. From people fat shaming her to other coming to her defense, we unpack it all here. And why wasn’t she wearing her wedding ring?

First, Tweets that came for Meghan Trainor

Lisa Heath on Twitter writes, “Im sorry but what the hell was @Meghan_Trainor thinking.. like for real put some freaking pants on our wear a better outfit for the love of God this is a family show that everyone watches.. @NBCTheVoice you guys need to start watches @gwenstefani outfits as well

All we can say is, RIP grammar.

Although not all Tweets were mean or vicious, some were actually quite funny, like this one that says

“How generous of Meghan Trainor. to give her pants to the guy she’s performing with”

And to that, all we can say is ?

Or this one, for instance, “20 minutes after show and Meghan still looking for bottom half of her attire!! Lmao.”

All this is funny and there were people that came to her defense like the tweet that said “I just seen where people are shaming @Meghan_Trainor for her outfit on the voice. Girl you are gorgeous and can rock anything you wear! You are just amazing! Keep doing you boo boo!”

Meghan’s Missing Wedding Band!?

Now I would hate to read too much into the situation because we like to keep it cool here but one Twitter user did point out the facts and we can’t un-see it, so I went back to check and yes guys, she is NOT wearing her wedding ring.

Does that mean trouble in paradise for Daryl Christopher Sabara and Meghan Trainor? Nah, she probably, actually forgot it.


Who is Meghan’s Husband?

Daryl Christopher Sabara is an American actor and voice actor, known for playing Juni Cortez in the Spy Kids film series. Yeah, that was him.

Meghan Is Going Back To All About That Bass?

Lately Meghan has been going back to her roots and getting back to her edgy and sexy self, remember her on the LGBTQA march 2019? We got you.

During her speech she had said and we repeated because we can never write or hear it enough, “This year is the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, and the fourth anniversary of marriage equality. How dare people tell us how to love and how to live our lives? It’s not right. It will never be right. And eventually we will win. So tonight, we celebrate those who came before us. We remember every single one of them.    

“I promise,” she continued, “I’ll be by your side, supporting you and loving you, for the rest of your life. Forever. I promise you that.”

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