Meet Duo Destiny: 5 Facts About This Acrobatic Couple On ‘AGT: Champions’

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This week, AGT: The Champions introduces us to Duo Destiny, a hand balancing act from Poland. They’re bringing their amazing acrobatics to the American stage, and we can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve.

Read on to find out more about this talented couple, and to watch their amazing talent in action. Then tune in to see them perform Monday night at 8/7c on NBC.

5 Facts About Duo Destiny

1. They started performing together in 2015.

According to their website, Kinga Grzeskow (from Poland) asked Goncalo Roque (from Portugal) to perform with her in the cast of Pirates Adventure Show in Mallorca. He apparently had 24 hours to decide, and he accepted. They’ve since performed together around the world, including on cruises. [Read more about them below]


2. Duo Destiny won ‘Poland’s Got Talent’ 2018

Kinga and Goncalo performed together on Mam talent!, a Polish series which translates to I have talent!, in 2018. Their incredible acrobatics, in which Goncalo swings and balances Kinga on his hands, took them all the way to the grand prize.

3. They’re friends with ‘AGT’ act ‘Deadly Games’

Alfredo Silva competed on AGT with his ex-wife Anna in a danger act called Deadly Games. He now performs with Aleksandra Kiedrowicz, who won Poland’s Got Talent in a previous year. They’re friends with Duo Destiny, and the four of them finally met last year. Deadly Games apparently gave them some advice and supported their show.


4. Duo Destiny performed in ‘Cirque du Soleil.’

From June to August 2019, Duo Destiny performed in the new “Joyeux Calvaire” show by Cirque du Soleil, in Canada. They previously performed in the London Cabaret Club, as well as the Palazzo Dinner Show in Austria. They’ve also appeared in Japan, Paris, Beijing, and Australia. We’re so excited they’ve made their way to the United States.

5. They’re performing on ‘AGT: The Champions.’

The duo said that appearing on AGT: The Champions is a “big dream” for them. Kinga said, “We want to share what we do with as many people, and that’s a perfect place to do it.” Goncalo said they want to “inspire” people. We have our fingers crossed for them as they enter the competition.

Meet the ‘Duo Destiny’ Couple: Kinga Grzeskow and Goncalo Roque

Kinga Grzeskow was born in Western Poland in 1995 and started training in sports acrobatic gymnastics from the age 7. She competed in many major sports competitions as part of the national team and ended her sports career after competing the in the 2012 World Championships in Orlando, USA [Video below].

Kinga Grzeskow competing as part of the Polish Woman’s Group at 2012 World Championship’s in Orlando

After graduating high school in 2014 Kinga joined the circus world as an ariel performer, which led to her meeting her current partner Goncalo.

Goncarlo Roque was born in Portugal in 1988 and was also competing for his countrys national gymnastics team at the 2012 World Championships in the mixed pair category.His sports career resulted in many wind including the European Champion, World Champion, World Ranking Champion and the winner of the World Cup and many other international tournaments.

Gocarlo Roqueat the 2013 European Championships

Is the ‘Duo Destiny’ couple Married?

While the couple have been traveling the world and performing together for the last five year, the official status of thier relationship is unknowna nd their facobook status is set to “No relationship info to show”. However, from thier instagram feed it is noticable that Kinga and Goncalo are clearly in love which is what matters most. Ino ne IG post goncalo writes to her: “I can’t wait to see you growing old next to me …and of course not only sharing the stage, but also sharing the life and all the crazy adventures that it will bring ❤ “.

“Duo Destiny… Duo in Love and in dreams”

Duo Destiny vs. Duo Transcend

The act most similar to duo Destiny on ‘AGT Champions’ is of course tyca and Mary aka Duo Transcend, who have already moved on to the semi-finals. Who do you think will advance furthur in the show, between the two couple acrobatic acts?


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