Meet All 10 Characters On The New Fox Show ‘The Masked Dancer’

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The premiere of the highly-anticipated Fox show The Masked Dancer is just around the corner. Inspired by a segment on The Ellen Show, 10 celebrities will wear extravagant costumes and put on show-stopping dance performances. Judges Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green and Ashley Tisdale will try and guess which celebrities are under the masks.

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The costumes are bigger and better than ever on this ‘Masked Singer’ spinoff. How many ridiculous guesses is Ken going to make when he sees these 10 amazing costumes? Plus, keep reading to find out some fan’s first guesses though we know these will probably change once we see some more clues.

The Sloth

Slow and steady wins the race! The Sloth is just one of the 10 masks that we will see on season one of The Masked Dancer. He has a furry pink and blue costume complete with gold sparkly shorts and a matching headband. His claws are decked out with rhinestones and so are his adorable goggles. Guesses are already being thrown around as to who is under The Sloth mask. So far, actor Dax Shepard seems to be a popular guess.


The Zebra

That’s a whole lot of stripes. The Zebra mask is full of fun fringe and of course no shortage of rhinestones. Based on the previews, it looks like The Zebra will be taking on some classic ballroom dancing on the show. Already a popular guess for The Zebra is comedian Chris Rock who voiced a zebra in the animated movie Madagascar. But let’s be real here, that seems a little too obvious on a show full of twists and turns.

The Tulip

The Masked Dancer is in full bloom with The Tulip mask. The gorgeous flower-inspired costume has a green bodice and mock flower petals to transport you to a flower garden. We have already seen The Tulip show off some dance moves in the promos, and Ken even asked if she is used to reading lines or is an actress. Many believe that actress Mayim Bialik is under the mask after she played the title character in the NBC sitcom Blossom.

The Hammerhead

Shark attack! The Hammerhead mask is a fun surprise to this already incredible display of costumes. The Hammerhead is rocking a basketball jersey along with a necklace that says “hammer time.” In the preview, he does the worm and flexes his fake exaggerated muscles. One awesome guess so far is Mark Cuban, the owner the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and star of Shark Tank.

The Exotic Bird

The Exotic Bird is ready to spread her wings this season on The Masked Dancer. This costume is full of feathers from the headpiece down to the bright orange skirt. And who doesn’t love a good pair of pink sparkly tights? One Instagram user guessed that Full House actress Jodie Sweetin is under The Exotic Bird mask but we would like to know your thoughts.


The Cricket

The Cricket is not your average bug. In the promo, he says “I got the legs to win this thing” before jumping around and showing off his rhythm. His green costume highlights his long legs which has made many people think a dancer is under the mask. So far the most popular guess is Dancing With The Stars judge Derek Hough.

The Ice Cube

The Masked Dancer is about to get a whole lot more chill with The Ice Cube. This costume consists of a giant ice cube mask with a beanie on top along with a fun glittery denim fit to go along with it. Just by the short video that the show posted on Instagram, The Ice Cube definitely looks like he is super tall. While many are hoping for rapper Ice Cube to be under the mask, others think the body type looks similar to rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

The Moth

The Moth is ready to wing it. This costume is the perfect combination of glitz and glam. The fabulous feather headpiece and geometric bodice make us so excited to see who is under the mask. Already, fans of The Masked Singer have pointed out that the costume reminds them of Pussycat Dolls frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger. How epic would it be if Nicole was under the mask?

The Disco Ball

Who’s ready to party? The Disco Ball certainly is! This costume is groovy with a full-blown disco ball head and peace sign glasses. But you can’t miss that huge mustache that is on full display. The pink and red suit and the furry upper lip have so many people guessing that it’s host Steve Harvey under the mask.

The Cotton Candy

The Masked Dancer is ready for fans to sink their teeth into The Cotton Candy. This pastel rainbow confection is sweeter than anything we have ever seen before. Don’t let the bee-hive hairdo fool you though, just based on the quick previews, we are confident that a trained dancer or gymnast is under the mask. Popular guesses include Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler.


Which ‘Masked Dancer’ costume is your favorite? The show premiers on December 27 with Craig Robinson as host.

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