Meet 19-Year-Old Who Covered Whitney Houston As You’ve Never Heard Before — Get To Know Gulshat Khamurzina


Gulshat Khamurzina was just 19 years old when she auditioned for The Voice Russia but had a voice that was well beyond her years. She took on the power ballad “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston in season three of the show. While we do hear her songs covered often on talent competition shows, you have never heard it like this before. Check out her Blind Audition down below.

Gulshat Khamurzina Belted Whitney Houston Classic On ‘The Voice Russia’

Singing a Whitney song is a major risk to take on any show. It’s certainly not the easiest kind of song to execute but if it is done right, it will melt everyone’s hearts. Gulshat definitely did the song justice with her very graceful and elegant delivery of the song. Once she hit some major high notes in the song, Alexander Gradsky turned his chair. It looked like Gulshat was automatically going to end up on Team Gradsky as she finished off the final note of the song in an angelic whistle tone. Dima Bilan then hit his button and turned his chair at the very last second which took everyone by surprise.


Dima complimented the fact that she was able to hit so many high notes and said that she had a lot of potential to go very far. He was pretty convincing and promised that if Gulshat was on his team he would do everything he could to help her truly hone in on her vocal abilities and polish them.

Gulshat who has been studying music since she was a little girl decided to go with Team Gradsky. In The Battles, Gulshat went head to head against Alexandra Vorobyova singing “Две розы.” It was a pretty even matchup but in the end, Alexandra was declared the winner of The Battle after becoming a fan-favorite after her Blind Audition. Gulshat was eliminated from the competition and Alexandra actually went on to be crowned the winner in 2014.

Where Is She Now?

After her appearance on The Voice Russia, Gulshat did a few covers of songs on YouTube with one of her friends. Other than these videos and a few clips from scattered performances here and there, not much can be found about Gulshat’s music career online. But we can only hope that she is still singing with that incredible voice of hers today.

Gulshat’s Instagram account is also set to private however from just looking at her profile picture it’s clear to see that she is all grown up now almost seven years after her audition for The Voice Russia.


Do you think it is a risk to do a Whitney song on a talent competition show? We have seen so many artists in the past completely slay some of the most iconic songs by the late artist but it is very hard to do.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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