Who Is The Popcorn? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction and All the Clues Decoded!

Kyle Montplaisir
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The Masked Singer season 4 has promised, and delivered, bigger and better stars than ever! The Masked Singer Popcorn popped onto the stage in the premiere with a huge voice and great energy. Plus, who wouldn’t love her cute striped outfit?

But which celebrity is under the Popcorn mask? Here are all the clues, plus our prediction!

Popcorn performs “What About Us” by P!nk in The Masked Singer Season 4 Premiere

Clues on The Masked Singer Season 4

In the Super Sneak Peek, Popcorn said, “When you watch my on-screen performance it will be in 3-D: dynamic, delightful, and diva-licious. Mirror mirror on the wall, what makes me the biggest miracle of all?”

Popcorn’s first clue package started with a “Snacks and the City” title. She makes a Tiger King reference in the intro, then she’s laying in bed next to a tiger. We also see a goldfish wearing hoop earrings in the background. She’s “straight up…built her career around love,” but she’s a “hustler.” Popcorn has worked long nights, rushing from one job to the next. A meatloaf with a “Welcome to the ‘hood!” card is displayed on a table next to a snake and an apple. She went from cutting pictures out of Vogue, to jet-setting to exotic places with royalty. A magazine cover depicts her on a plane with a king and a dove with an olive branch. On the side of a bus, it says “Every Wednesday in The Broadway Review.” Finally, we see a “Proud Merry-Go-Round” as she ends her clues.

Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Popcorn

Jenny said it could be Tina Turner, which is also a popular guess online. Ken predicted Carole Baskin from Tiger King based on all the tiger clues and her intro line! And finally, Nicole thought it might be Mary J Blige. Online, other guesses I saw a lot were Taylor Dayne and Paula Abdul.

Our Prediction for The Popcorn On The Masked Singer

The Popcorn has to be an iconic, older singer. But which one is she? With all similar guesses, we had to lean on the clues to decode who this was. And after all our research, we are predicting Popcorn to be…

GettyImages Our prediction for the Popcorn Mask, Taylor Dayne

Singer, Taylor Dayne!

The clues all line up perfectly too. The more we looked into it, the clearer it got! “Snacks and the City” in the title and its setting refer to Taylor Dayne being from New York. The goldfish in hoop earrings is a nod to the 80’s, when Taylor rose to fame. “Building [her] career around love” is talking about how most of her songs are about love. She also talks about “rushing” from one job to the next, and one of her hit songs is “Don’t Rush Me.”

One of the biggest clues was everything on the table in her first clues package. There’s a meatloaf, a “Welcome to the ‘hood” card, a snake, and an apple with a bite taken out. Taylor Dayne had a song called “Original Sin,” which Meat Loaf covered on his album Welcome to the Neighborhood. It all makes sense now! And there’s no other way to explain those clues being together in one place.


The clues about jet-setting with royalty seem to be alluding to her touring with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. She also jammed with Prince in the 1980’s, which could explain the hints there. The Masked Singer Popcorn’s Broadway clues reference Taylor Dayne’s time performing in Elton John’s Aida. Finally, the “Proud Merry-Go-Round” is an obvious nod to Tina Turner, who Taylor wrote a song for, called “Whatever You Want.”

Do you agree with our prediction about Popcorn? Tune in to our recap show on YouTube and don’t miss The Masked Singer, Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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