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Who Is The Night Angel? ‘The Masked Singer’ Predictions and Clues Decoded!

Kyle Montplaisir

Kyle Montplaisir


The Masked Singer introduced its last set of Season 3 celebrities in Group C. And with one of the creepier masks, the Night Angel kicked off the night with a dynamic performance! She has some pipes and the stage presence to back it up. But who could she be?

Here are the clues and predictions for the Night Angel so far!
Night Angel performing “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi on The Masked Singer Group C Kickoff

Clues On The Masked Singer Season 3

In her clues, the Night Angel says that something about the night is “deliciously mysterious,” just like her. And like an angel, she has felt “deeply blessed” her entire life. She’s at a motel, where she says “doors have always opened” for her. She opens door #4 and there are three men in duckbills. When she moves to door #5, she holds up a key with a “2” on it. She says fame has “brought her down like a landslide.” We then see some “gangster grandmas,” as Robin describes them, behind the door. In door #6, we see one of the men in black tap on his watch as the other two party inside. She goes in and dances with them, saying she “can’t be good all the time.”

Popular Guesses for The Masked Singer Night Angel

Robin guessed 80’s singer and actress Taylor Dayne. Jenny thought it might be Monica because of her “The Boy Is Mine” clue. Nicole predicted the Night Angel is Lil’ Kim. Online, some fans agree with the panelists’ guesses of Monica and Lil’ Kim. Many have also guessed Kandi Burruss, Brandy, and Christina Milian.


Our Prediction For The Night Angel

This one was not as obvious right from the get-go. But there was one clue in particular that sealed the deal on the Night Angel’s celebrity identity. It is…Kandi Burruss from Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Our prediction for The Masked Singer Night Angel, Kandi Burruss!

We’ll get to the clue that sealed the deal for us toward the end, but here’s how all the clues tie into Kandi Burruss.

Starting from the beginning, the Night Angel says she has been “deeply blessed” her entire life. Kandi believes in God and is a member of the Church of Holiness, so that would make sense. She starts by opening Door #4, which has three men in black with duck bills on. Kandi has songwriting credits on the Destiny’s Child song “Bills, Bills, Bills.” When she moves on to Door #5 and we see “gangster grandmas,” that’s actually an Old Lady Gang, a nod to Kandi’s Atlanta restaurant of the same name.


She then opens Door #6, where men in black are dancing and drinking. This is the blink-and-you-miss-it clue that sealed the deal on the Night Angel being Kandi Burruss! When the door opens, one of them is seen pointing at his watch, as if she’s late. Kandi co-wrote “Tardy for the Party,” the theme song for Real Housewives of Atlanta. She also says “y’all” in the clues, giving a hint that she’s from the South. Finally, the doors in that order are a clue too! “4, 5, 6” is a song by Solé that Kandi was featured on.

More Clues Next Week

Did we miss any clues for The Masked Singer Night Angel? There will be plenty more when Group C returns for the Playoffs on Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX.

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