Who Is The Mushroom? ‘The Masked Singer’ Prediction + Clues Decoded!

Kyle Montplaisir
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The Masked Singer season 4 has promised, and delivered, bigger and better stars than ever! And one of the hardest to figure out has been the Mushroom, who many thought was a woman after the first episode. But clearly, this fungi has talent! His falsetto and range are unmatched by any other singers this season.

So which celebrity is under the Mushroom mask? Here are all the clues decoded, plus our big prediction!

Clues on The Masked Singer Season 4

The Mushroom’s first set of clues had Hamilton references like “a hero and a scholar,” “young, scrappy, and fungi,” “rise up,” and the “shroom where it happened.” We see a hot dog stand, a violin, a bug, and a 10-gallon hat. They started out in a “rat race,” as he is seen running away with a briefcase. Mushroom is then shown on a stage, where he got a shot to turn his “hobby into a career.” Two men in black, acting as judges, are seen with gardening tools.

In his second clue package, the Mushroom says mushrooms “get a bad rap.” But he’s here to win the world over! Even when he was young, he “knew he was offbeat,” he says. We see a glass of orange juice in the frame as well. Then, Mushroom opens a “Clue Burn Book” similar to the one in Mean Girls, with a picture of a reindeer and a picture of the Kangaroo (Jordyn Woods) from last season. He is shown holding two black beetles on a tray. After eating in the bathroom, Mushroom appears on a snowy Christmas stage next to a Santa in leopard print. He says he embraced being a “nerd” and an “outcast” as he breaks a pair of bedazzled glasses and a tiara. A ton of clues pointed to Mean Girls.

Mushroom’s magic clue was a brain made of Jell-O. He explains “a mind is a terrible thing to waste, but it makes for a pretty sweet clue.”

Nicole predicted Lin-Manuel Miranda or Anthony Ramos from Hamilton, Donald Glover, or Adam Lambert. Ken thought it could be Usher. Jenny threw out Frank Ocean as her guess. Guest panelist Wayne Brady thought Will Smith before he sang, then thought it might be Jaden Smith. The Internet seems set on either someone from Hamilton, Jordan Fisher, or Todrick Hall.

Our Prediction for The Masked Singer Mushroom Is …

After compiling all the clues, there’s only one guess that makes sense. Plus, we had to consider there’s one outstanding Grammy nomination after all the other reveals!

So that means the Mushroom has to be…

GettyImages Our prediction for The Masked Singer Mushroom, Aloe Blacc!

Aloe Blacc!

Yes, if the voice isn’t enough to convince you, here are the clues to back it up! In the first set of clues, there were many Hamilton references. Aloe Blacc sang with Lin-Manuel Miranda on “The Hamilton Mixtape.” The clues continued stating the Mushroom “sprouted up underground,” and Aloe Blacc started in an underground indie rap group called Emanon. He also mentions starting in a “surprising job,” which he described as a “rat race.” Aloe Blacc worked at Ernst & Young before making his hobby a career.


When talking about making his hobby a career, we see the Mushroom on a stage with judges. Aloe Blacc was on MTV’s The Cut as a member of Emanon early in his music career, which explains that clue. We also see many hats throughout his clues, and Aloe Blacc is known for wearing a lot of different hats, especially on his album covers.

The latest clues mention Mushroom being class president and having over a 4.0, which Aloe Blacc has talked about in interviews. That also explains the brain “game changing clue,” because Aloe majored in psychology. Finally, we saw a bull and a wrestling ring, which point to Aloe Blacc’s time attending the Melbourne Red Bull Music Academy and him performing at WrestleMania 31. And the clue that sealed the deal was about his name. Aloe Blacc was born Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III. That means he doesn’t go by the name he did when he “first sprouted!”

Is Aloe Blacc The Masked Singer Mushroom?

Do you agree with our prediction about The Masked Singer Mushroom? Or do you think it could be Jordan Fisher or Todrick Hall? Tune in to our recap show on YouTube and don’t miss The Masked Singer, Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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