Who Is The Black Widow? ‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers And Predictions


The Black Widow from The Masked Singer is spinning her web and turning heads! The judges and audience alike are captivated by her performances and confusing clues. But who is under the mask?

Here are the clues and predictions for the Black Widow so far!

The Black Widow singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” on The Masked Singer

Clues On The Masked Singer

In the first episode, the Black Widow’s clue package was jam-packed with hints. First, the judges notice a little sign that looks like the Sagittarius symbol. Nicole even points it out! Throughout the clues, we see a painting of a peach, then a crown. The Black Widow mentions her “empire.” When a film slate is shown, it says “Queen Bee” on it. Then, a crystal ball is shown, which also goes along with the tarot card in the Super Sneak Peek clues! The Black Widow’s clues have film and TV references throughout, hinting this is an actress.

Popular Guesses for the Black Widow

Online, the most popular guesses for the Black Widow are Raven-Symone, Taraji P. Henson, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Janet Jackson.

Our Prediction & Possible Spoilers

This is one of the easier predictions we’ve made all season because the clues have lined up since the beginning! As soon as we saw the tarot cards, the first guesses led us to this person. The Black Widow is…Raven-Symone!

Along with the psychic clues lining up with her role on That’s So Raven and the obvious TV/film connections, there are plenty of other clues that fit. First of all, she is a Sagittarius, born on December 10th. The peach painting alludes to her being from Atlanta. There’s also a crown shown and she mentions her “empire,” which is a nod to her recurring role on the show Empire. “Queen Bee” written on the film slate is a reference to when she called Lil Kim “Queen Bee” and the Beyhive came for her. Finally, she mentions both “the REAL” her and her “house,” which alludes to two of the shows she’s on, The Real and Raven’s Home.

‘The Masked Singer’ has captivated America, and it isn’t hard to see why. The elaborate costumes, the performances, and the big mystery behind the identities of its celebrity competitors had America invested and committed to finding out who each contestant really is. With that said, here are all the reveals from Season 1.

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Kyle Montplaisir
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