‘The Masked Singer’ Week 3 Recap: The Deer is Unmasked!

Kyle Montplaisir
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The Masked Singer is back for another crazy and fun week of performances! This week, we’ll see all our Week 1 favorites sing again. The Peacock, Monster, Unicorn, Deer, and Lion will perform to keep their masks on another week.

Here’s how everything went down!


The Lion

Clues: The Lion starts by saying that the judge’s “glowing” comments after her first performance put her on cloud nine. She feels like she could be a frontrunner. The Lion has always wanted to sing but the mask finally makes her feel courageous. For her, using her voice to help others has always been important. She talks about standing up for what you believe in as scenes of protests are shown. Then, she is seen reading a newspaper that says “GOLD FOUND IN HAILEY.” When asked if she has any gold or platinum records, The Lion says “I have nothing gold or platinum on my walls yet.”

Performance: The Lion kicked off the show singing “Feelin’ Good” by Nina Simone. And she absolutely killed it! The song worked well with her voice and she owned the stage, starting behind a cover of hanging jewels. She is clearly a performer!

Judge’s Guesses: Someone from a girl group, Kelly Rowland, Emily Blunt, Hailey Baldwin


The Deer

Clues: The Deer starts by saying that being in the bottom isn’t his style. He “used to be able to sell salt to a slug.” It alludes that he did commercials for a used car lot in the past. It’s time for him to “throw [himself] hooves first into the competition.” Then he says, “trust me, I know how to throw.” The Deer says he has multiple world titles, starting in track and field, then it went to horses.

Performance: For this week, the Deer sang “Get Your Shine On” by Florida Georgia Line. Just like his first performance, his Southern twang was evident. Especially on this country song! But he obviously isn’t the best singer here.

Judge’s Guesses: Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway


The Peacock

Clues: The Peacock “loved being able to perform without anyone knowing who I was.” He said he’s had many incarnations of his career. He started out as a teeny-bopper, but says there’s more than meets the eye. The Peacock was then cast in dramatic roles. Before he performs, he talks about having a fear of heights. The judges asked if he has ever performed in Vegas and the Peacock responded that he has.

Performance: After performing a song from The Greatest Showman in the premiere, the Peacock decided to switch it up this time. He sang “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic. Showing off some low notes, the Peacock put on quite a show! And the judges took notice, praising him as a showman.

Judge’s Guesses: Tom Jones, Neil Patrick Harris, David Hasselhoff, Criss Angel


The Unicorn

Clues: The Unicorn said she’s been lacking confidence because she “lost her sheen.” She was scared for her first performance but when she stepped on stage she was flying high. She came here and overcame her fear of being judge. This week, she’s going to exude “model behavior.” The Unicorn says she’s “going for the gold” now. When asked if she’s known for being a gymnast, the Unicorn humorously responded, “in the bedroom!”

Performance: This time around, the Unicorn sang “Oops! …I Did It Again” by Britney Spears. She added a little choreography (probably as much as you can in such a restrictive costume) but her vocals were still pretty weak. This performance was definitely more fun though!

Judge’s Guesses: Denise Richards, Gabby Douglas, Mary Lou Retton, McKayla Maroney


The Monster

Clues: Somehow the Monster ended up in the bottom during Week 1, but we’ll skip over that part because it still doesn’t make sense to us. The Monster says he took a drive up from the South in his Cadillac. Then it shows the Monster in New York. While making it rain, he says he’s “back in the swing of things.” The shot also shows two guys, one wearing a top hat and one with gold teeth. The Monster says he’s celebrating and getting his mind right. He then says his performance is “gonna be fireeeee!” When asked for an addition clue, the Monster just replied, “I like to keep my head in the game.”

Performance: After saying this song choice would be completely unexpected, the Monster performed “I Don’t Want to Be” by Gavin DeGraw. It was definitely something different! But the Monster absolutely lit up the stage. Literally, there was fire! And his voice was epic too. He’s for sure one of my favorites in the whole competition. He closed the show on a high note. I expect the Monster to go far!

Judge’s Guesses: Nelly, Derek Jeter, Kevin Hart

The Deer is Unmasked

After all the performances, the audience and judges voted to unmask the Deer. Robin, Nicole, and guest judge Joel McHale thought it was Terry Bradshaw. Jenny then guessed Peyton Manning. Finally, Ken guessed it was John Elway. And once he removed the mask, it was…Terry Bradshaw! The four-time Super Bowl champion and two time Super Bowl MVP was the Deer. That means 3/5 judges got it right! But did you?

Join us again next week when we’ll see five more performances and another celebrity on The Masked Singer revealed!

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