‘The Masked Singer’ Group C Kickoff Recap: Six New Celebs + A BOMBSHELL Reveal

Kyle Montplaisir
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The Masked Singer is back with six NEW celebrities! This final Group C has the Night Angel, Bear, Astronaut, T-Rex, Rhino, and Swan. And it includes some of the most talented vocalists of the entire season 3 cast!

But who will rise to the top and who will be unmasked? Our Masked Singer recap of the Group C kickoff starts now!

Who is The Night Angel?

Night Angel performing “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi on The Masked Singer Group C Kickoff

Clues: The Night Angel says that something about the night is “deliciously mysterious,” just like her. And like an angel, she has felt “deeply blessed” her entire life. She’s at a motel, where she says “doors have always opened” for her. She opens door #4 and there are three men in duck bills. When she moves to door #5, she holds up a key with “2” on it. She says fame has “brought her down like a landslide.” We then see some “gangster grandmas,” as Robin describes them, behind the door. In door #6, we see one of the men in black tap on his watch as the other two party inside. She goes in and dances with them, saying she “can’t be good all the time.”

After her performance, she mentions she loves the “duality” of the Night Angel: the fact that she can be so sweet but sometimes bad.

Performance: Singing “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi, Night Angel kicked off the show with a dynamic performance! She has a pretty solid voice…even though her mask is super creepy. Her vibrato is very distinct and she definitely knows how to cadence the song though. I feel like this has to be a performer.

Judges’ Guesses: Taylor Dayne (Robin), Monica (Jenny), Lil’ Kim (Nicole)

Who is The Bear?

Bear performing “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot on The Masked Singer Group C Kickoff

Clues: Nick says the Bear is a “household name.” She is seen napping on a couch. Th Bear says she’s been both “hunter and hunted,” while the masks of Tree and Fox from season 2 are shown. We see a Full House card hand on the table. A boombox says the Bear is “positively unbearable” and wakes her from her nap. After years of hearing “phoney baloney,” she’s sick of everyone not knowing who she really is. The clues display hockey skates and a calendar with “LIVE” written on a Saturday. Bear mentions she’s “coming out of hibernation,” while elephant masks and French fries appear. Just like a bear, she’s been polarizing “to protect [her] cubs.” She starts dancing in front of a van with two other people.

Performance: Bear takes the stage singing/rapping “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot. WOW, a lot to unpack here. Honestly, it was entertaining! But I have to say, the Bear is probably not a performer. I can hear a little bit of an accent too? Not sure where it’s from though…

Judges’ Guesses: Tonya Harding (Ken), Candace Cameron Bure (Jenny), Tina Fey (Robin)

Who is The Astronaut?

Astronaut performing “You Say” by Lauren Daigle on The Masked Singer Group C Kickoff

Clues: The Astronaut says he’s “always dreamt of flying high.” He mentions leaving his home planet, while a lei hangs from his rocket. He floats by a skeleton of a foot. Astronaut is then seen in front of a broom and in front of a toolbox. He says he’s far from home but the endless possibilities get his “heart throbbing.” The rocket is crashing and gives “WARNING” and “COLLISION IMMINENT” signs. During impact, Astronaut yells “CODE BLUE!” then “I’m okay” once it crashes. He ends with, “Not a pitch perfect landing, but I’m here.”

The Astronaut claims, at the end of his performance, that he started at a young age but feels like he’s just getting started.

Performance: I’m not going to say that Astronaut wasn’t great, but I will say that “You Say” by Lauren Daigle might’ve been the wrong choice for him. The song was just too high, causing his voice to crack! He still pulled it off though. Astronaut clearly has some vocal talent. But I’m more excited to see what he sings moving forward.

Judges’ Guesses: Adam Devine or Josh Hutcherson (Ken), Lance Bass (Jenny), Zac Efron (Nicole)

Who is The T-Rex?

T-Rex performing “So What” by P!nk on The Masked Singer Group C Kickoff

Clues: T-Rex sits on a baby doll, then a directional sign with “N” and “W” circled is shown. She says she was discovered by another who “plucked her out of obscurity,” as a man pulls a dinosaur toy out of pink slime. We see a bow while Dinosaur explains an extraordinary placed called T-Rex Island. She became one of dozens of creatures “pirouetting the land.” Two T-Rexes are seen trying to fight inside bubbles. Then, a golden “U” with pink, blue, and white stars on it is displayed. But then she heard that unless you were special, “you were doomed.” Next, something happened that changed her world forever.

Performance: Now this was a PERFORMANCE! T-Rex took the stage by storm from the second she walked in. Her walkout was epic, with some classic dance moves and a whole lot of excitement. And that translated to her rendition of “So What” by P!nk too. She’s not the best vocally, but she knows how to bring the energy.

Judges’ Guesses: Kourtney Kardashian (Ken), Maddie Ziegler (Jenny), Rebecca Black (Nicole)

Who is The Rhino?

Rhino performing “Have a Little Faith in Me” by John Hiatt on The Masked Singer Group C Kickoff

Clues: The Rhino starts by saying “my exterior may look tough and callous,” but he’s really just a “gentle giant.” As a young rhino, he was center stage, “the toast of the town every week.” Multiple magazine covers are shown with Rhino. Being on top became an addiction. So when he wasn’t the best, he “crashed and burned.” A red bike tire squeaks. He “pushed the people closest to him away,” as he rejects a pitcher of red drink. We then see a picture of the Grand Ole Opry. But then, he “got the help he needed.” So now he’s here to “take a leap of faith,” he claims while he rides a bike with butterflies on it over a sign that says “FAITH.” The clues end by him riding over the sun, a la E.T.

Performance: My personal favorite performance of the night, Rhino sang “Have a Little Faith in Me.” His voice is smooth and he hits all the right notes. Do I hear a little twang in there too? Rhino is the star of Group C, in my opinion.

Judges’ Guesses: Jason Aldean (Jenny), Tim Tebow (Ken), Tim McGraw (Nicole)

Who is The Swan?

Swan performing “Fever” by Peggy Lee on The Masked Singer Group C Kickoff

Clues: To close the show, the Swan claims she is here “because [she] refuses to be tuned out.” She is doing ballet, then quickly stops and scolds a man who was holding up a megaphone. Swan has “played games,” she’s “lived fame,” and she’s “seen shame.” A man with vampire fangs is shown. She’s “someone and no one,” “rerun and no fun.” A man is seen screaming, then a ghost appears. We’re getting some horror vibes, but she closes saying now she’s “euphoric.”

She chose to be the swan because “they can fly at 60 MPH” and she “lives her life in overdrive.” The only way to get things done is to do them fast!

Performance: Performing a classic jazz hit, “Fever” by Peggy Lee, the Swan took the stage last. She seemed confident, strutting around the stage and dancing throughout. Plus, she’s got a decent voice too! If nothing else, the panelists were definitely into it.

Judges’ Guesses: Nina Dobrev (Ken), Jennifer Love Hewitt (Nicole), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Robin)

The Bear Revealed on The Masked Singer Recap

Nicole’s final guess is Christina Applegate. Jenny predicted Candace Cameron Bure. Then, Ken thought it was another Full House star, Jodie Sweetin. Finally, Rob stuck with his guess from earlier in the night, Tina Fey.

Finally, the Bear was unmasked and it was…

Politician Sarah Palin!

And the panelists and audience had the BEST reaction. Talk about actual SHOCK! And my jaw even dropped from here on my couch. They were lying when they said season 3 would have the craziest reveals yet.

The Masked Singer Group C Playoffs continue next week at 8/7c on FOX.

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