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‘The Masked Singer’ Group C Championship Recap + A DINOmite Reveal!

Kyle Montplaisir

Kyle Montplaisir


It’s The Masked Singer Group C Championship! This is the last shot for the Astronaut, Night Angel, Rhino, and T-Rex to make it into the Super 9. The stakes are higher than ever!

So who will move on and who will be unmasked? Read along for our Masked Singer recap of the Group C Championship.

Who is The Night Angel?
Night Angel performing “Shout” by The Isley Brothers on The Masked Singer Group C Championship

Clues: Night Angel’s clues are the first of the night. All the singers will have someone close to them give their clues. Night Angel’s “friend from high school” says she missed out on a lot in high school, like senior prom. An old school rotary telephone is shown off the hook. But one thing she was determined not to miss was earning her diploma. We see an astronomy quiz with an “A+” on it. Their graduation conflicted with a “huge career opportunity” but Night Angel refused to miss her graduation. Her friend comments that she’s “always stayed true to herself.”

At the end of each performance tonight, the singers will give a LEGO clue to the panelists, in honor of Will Arnett being a guest judge. Night Angel brought a LEGO of her with Jenny McCarthy. She explains, “I say your name because I’ve heard you say my name often on your show.”

Performance: To kick off the Group C Championship, Night Angel sang “Shout” by The Isley Brothers. THE RANGE! She is a powerhouse vocalist and definitely has some stage experience. Night Angel could be a dark horse to go far this season.


Judges’ Guesses: Toni Braxton, Taraji P. Henson, Janet Jackson

Who is The Astronaut?
Astronaut performing “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran on The Masked Singer Group C Championship

Clues: Astronaut throws to his “bro pilot” for his clues. He says he knows how to “lead a crew” while a cup of coffee is shown. We then see two dice, both on 5. But sometimes, Astronaut can be a “space cadet.” His bro pilot remembers that “one time, in front of thousands of people…he fell flat on his face.” He says anyone else would’ve said “Bye, Bye, Bye” but not the Astronaut. Finally, a bridge appears on the screen.

The Astronaut’s LEGO clue was him at the mall with Nicole. He explains, “Remember when we were both together to celebrate a huge birthday?”

Performance: Next up was the Astronaut, singing “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. Astronaut has gained a lot of confidence since his first performance. And this one went into the stratosphere! He has quite a voice and knows how to show it off.


Judges’ Guesses: Eddie Vedder, JC Chasez, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Who is The T-Rex?
T-Rex performing “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire on The Masked Singer Group C Championship

Clues: T-Rex has her coach talk about her. He says they have spent a lot of time together and traveling. T-Rex “subscribes to the idea” there is no off-day. We see a few boomerangs on a seat. He has never met anyone so “meticulous,” especially at her age. A plate with glittery nachos, potato wedges, and mozzarella sticks is shown. He says that “even though she’s young, she has fans of all ages” while some older people in purple hats cheer. She “always knows how to win over a crowd,” he mentions as he holds up wax lips. They then drop into water with toy tanks pointed at it.

T-Rex’s LEGO clue was her with Will Arnett in a dinosaur’s mouth. The sign on it read, “POODLE.” She explains that “LEGO Batman is how we are connected.”

Performance: T-Rex singing “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire was maybe the most dynamic performance we’ve ever seen on The Masked Singer. She was all over the place dancing and…well mostly dancing but she also sang some. You gotta love the energy though!


Judges’ Guesses: Gabby Douglas, Jojo Siwa, Honey Boo Boo, Zoe Kravitz, Jenny Slate, Ellie Kemper

Who is The Rhino?
Rhino performing “Tracks Of My Tears” by Linda Ronstadt on The Masked Singer Group C Championship

Clues: The Rhino has his college roommate share about him. He said the two surfed together and they were “terrible at it.” Three quarters are shown next to an arrow pointing up. But Rhino kept at it and the “babes couldn’t resist his sick moves.” Then, a planet wearing a tiny cowboy hat is appears on the screen. We see a map of the US next with Missouri in a different color, wearing a crown. His roommate says Rhino is a softie.

Rhino presented a LEGO clue featuring him with Robin. It says “1000” on it. He explains, “We think alike. You and I are on the same track, literally.”

Performance: To close out the night, we had the Rhino singing “Tracks Of My Tears” by Linda Ronstadt. This was the performance of the night in my opinion! He has such a smooth tone to his voice. If this doesn’t take him to the Super 9, I don’t know what will. He is a contender to win the Golden Mask for sure!


Judges’ Guesses: Will Ferrell, David Hasselhoff, Will Arnett (guessed by Will Arnett himself)

The T-Rex Revealed on The Masked Singer

After a dramatic commercial break, the T-Rex was announced as the one going home tonight. When it came time for the final guesses, Jenny thought it was JoJo Siwa. Nicole and Robin agreed. On the other hand, Ken predicted Liza Koshy and guest panelist Will Arnett guessed Tara Lipinski.

Finally, the T-Rex was revealed to be…

The T-Rex unmasked on The Masked Singer Group C Championship

JoJo Siwa!

Our prediction for The Masked Singer T-Rex was spot on! I’m more surprised that the judges didn’t guess it earlier to be honest. But they finally did tonight! And that means the Astronaut, Night Angel, and Rhino are moving on. The Masked Singer is back for the Super 9 next week at 8/7c on FOX! In the meantime, don’t forget to watch our video recaps on YouTube.

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