Contrary to Popular Belief, ‘The Masked Singer’ Fox is NOT This Celebrity, But It IS…

Kyle Montplaisir
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The Fox’s identity on The Masked Singer has been one of the toughest to figure out. But it is NOT one of the most popular guesses! And we have the clues decoded to prove it.

Here’s exactly who the Fox is and isn’t on The Masked Singer. And fair warning, there are plenty of SPOILERS AHEAD!

The first clues revealed about the Fox’s identity on The Masked Singer

‘The Masked Singer’ Fox Is NOT…

Jamie Foxx.

I hate to break it to you, but it’s true. First of all, he’s working on directing, writing, and starring in a movie that is slated to come out next year and currently in post-production. So we need to be honest with ourselves here. Also, the cumulative totals for the season also don’t mention any Oscars, which would be a huge oversight if it was Jamie Foxx. And where are the Ray clues? That was his biggest role!

There are a few clues specifically that don’t line up with Fox being Jamie Foxx either. The Emmy Award is one of them, considering Jamie Foxx has never been nominated nor won any Emmys. He also mentions being part of a “pack of talented fellas” but Jamie Foxx isn’t part of any group.
Fox’s latest performance on The Masked Singer, “Every Little Step” by Bobby Brown

Then who could it be?

The Fox has to be someone with an Emmy, coming from a talented group. Clues also hint at him having a child, being a superhero, and “dabbling in many genres.” That left us with the other most popular, trending guess for the Fox.

But The Fox Is…

GettyImages Fox’s secret celebrity identity is REVEALED!

Wayne Brady!

That’s right, the Fox is none other than Wayne Brady (who has been our guess since his first episode). Not only is the voice uncanny, but the clues all line up.

First of all, the Fox is seen reading a bedtime story to a younger, female fox. Wayne Brady has one daughter so that would make sense! He says he “does his best work at night,” which could be alluding to his appearances on many prime-time TV shows and Broadway shows. His “dabbling in different genres” references the fact that he’s done TV, movies, Broadway, singing, and comedy. The “Doogie and Doubtfire” clues also lead us to Wayne Brady, because he had a role in How I Met Your Mother with Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie) and Robin Williams (Doubtfire) was on Whose Line Is It Anyway? before with him. The shot of a fox standing in front of three stools is also referencing Whose Line…? and its famous set featuring stools.

Now, while Wayne Brady hasn’t played a superhero, he is a big comic book fan. In fact, he and his Let’s Make a Deal co-host wrote one together! And he will be starring in the CW series Black Lightning next year.

“You and Me” by Wayne Brady

Additional clues mention a 30 year career and a set list with one of the songs, “You and Me.” That is exactly the name of one of Wayne Brady’s singles! Fox also mentioned how he “didn’t always fit in” and it messed with his bark. Wayne Brady has said before that he was bullied as a kid, leading to a stutter. He was in ROTC growing up too, which explains his clue about how he expected to be in a uniform, not a costume. It’s all just too perfect!

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