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‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3 Finale Recap: The Winner is Revealed!


The Masked Singer Finale is finally upon us. With the Night Angel, Frog, and Turtle fighting it out for the Golden Mask, we are excited to see who wins it all. And we’re sure there are some epic performances to end on a high note!

Below is our recap of The Masked Singer Finale for season 3.

Who is the Frog?

Frog performs “Bad Boys For Life” by P. Diddy in The Masked Singer Finale

Clues: The Frog said the first time he walked onto the stage, he felt “so lost,” but the more he pushed himself, the more he felt like he was in “exactly the right place.” On The Masked Singer, he’s proven himself as a rapper! A post-it that says “NO LIMITS” is on the wall while Frog goes through memories of the show. This experience let him get back to his “first love,” which is music. He also mentions that he’s a father to a female “tadpole.”

Performance: Frog did what he does best with this performance of “Bad Boys For Life” and that’s dance and command the audience! Everyone was dancing along with him the entire song. It’s clear that he’s having a lot of fun on that stage! And who can blame him? I don’t think this was a winning performance, but it wasn’t a bad one by any means.

Judges’ Guesses: Romeo, Kid Cudi, MC Hammer

Who is the Turtle?

Turtle performs “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi in The Masked Singer Finale

Clues: The Turtle had no idea “how much this competition would change” him as an artist. He says that in his career, he had a lot of “almost moments.” Despite the ups and downs, he’s been resilient. Turtle now has a “Mrs. Turtle” and wants to show his future little turtles to “keep going until you get the win.”

Performance: Taking a note from the Rottweiler’s playbook last season, Turtle sang another Lewis Capaldi hit, “Before You Go.” His voice was so tender and pitch perfect. This isn’t an easy song to cover either. Turtle’s runs were on point and we even got to hear his signature falsetto. Vocally, this was one of his best so far.

Judges’ Guesses: Jesse McCartney, Nick Jonas, Nick Carter


Who is the Night Angel?

Night Angel performs “River Deep Mountain High” by Tina Turner in The Masked Singer Finale

Clues: The Night Angel claimed she was “terrified” when the show started. She has been able to take that fear and “channel” it since then. Night Angel said that when she didn’t find success as a solo artist, she “developed other businesses.” She mentions she’s a mother and wanted to chase her own dreams. She’s here to win for all women, but especially for her children.

Performance: With her best performance of this season, the Night Angel tore the stage up singing “River Deep, Mountain High” by Tina Turner. She channeled that Frog energy! And this really felt like a winning performance. Her voice was strong and I loved the back-up dancers around her. Plus, that final note she held forever was INSANE!

Judges’ Guesses: Kandi Burruss, Taraji P. Henson, Dawn Robinson

The Frog is REVEALED in The Masked Singer Finale

After the performances, the Frog got third place. For the panelists’ final guesses, Ken thought he was Kid Cudi and Jenny predicted Lil Romeo. Lastly, Robin pointed to clues saying he’s Bow Wow, with Nicole agreeing with him.

The Frog was unmasked, revealing…

The Frog is revealed on The Masked Singer Finale

Bow Wow!

Robin and Nicole both guessed it right! (And so did we!) Now, it’s on to the winner announcement and reveals. The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

And The Winner Is…

With only the Night Angel and Turtle left, it was time to crown a winner. But what a stacked top two! We really can’t go wrong with either of these stars winning. The one who will take home the Golden Mask is…

The Night Angel!

She is so deserving and the first female to win The Masked Singer! Congratulations to her on many epic performances and amazing vocals throughout the season.


After announcing the winner, the top two were revealed.

The Turtle is REVEALED in The Masked Singer Finale

Second to be unmasked tonight was the Turtle. Final guesses for the runner-up included Nick Jonas, Jesse McCartney, and Adam Lambert.

When the Turtle was unmasked, it was…

The Turtle is revealed on The Masked Singer Finale

Jesse McCartney!

Our second correct prediction of the night! I was really rooting for him to win this one, but I’ll take second place. Jesse is an insanely talented guy, both vocally and for his stage presence. I hope this will be the start of seeing more from him!

The Night Angel is REVEALED in The Masked Singer Finale

And now, the moment of truth. Who is the celebrity walking away with the Golden Mask? The panelists all shared their final guesses: Taraji P. Henson, Tisha Campbell, and Kandi Burruss.

Finally, the Night Angel was revealed to be…

The Night Angel is revealed on The Masked Singer Finale

Kandi Burruss!

The panelists had been dancing around her name all season but Robin and Nicole finally jumped on board to agree with us. We loved to see her unmask and hear her share how important this win was to her.

What an amazing way to end the season! With more celebrities than ever before, The Masked Singer did not disappoint this time around. And Season 4 will be back before we know it this fall! Be sure to follow Talent Recap and watch along with us then.

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