‘The Masked Singer’ Finale Recap: Which Costumed Celebrity Won Season 4?

Kyle Montplaisir
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It’s The Masked Singer Finale for season 4! I can’t believe it’s already coming to an end. These past few weeks have felt like a whirlwind, but tonight we unmask the three remaining singers and crown one the winner!

So who goes home with the Golden Mask? Keep reading to find out.

To kick off the night, the finalists performed a Christmas favorite, “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Mariah Carey. This is definitely a strong group of finalists! We got to hear impressive high notes from all three in the intro song. Plus, who doesn’t love a bunch of dancing snowmen? Now let’s get into The Masked Singer Finale!

Who is The Crocodile?

The Crocodile performs “Open Arms” by Journey in The Masked Singer Finale for Season 4

Final Clues: Crocodile’s final clues say he feels “so blessed” to be in the Finale. He’s gotten the freedom to completely express the real him, that has been hidden for so much of his life. Growing up, his family was “dirt poor” so he mowed lawns to afford his first album, “Frontiers” by Journey. His “Secret Santa” gift for a panelist was an angel figurine for Jenny. Crocodile explains, “I want to thank you for your kind words. You helped me believe in myself just a little more.”

Performance: Singing “Open Arms” by that same band, Journey, Crocodile brought the feels. He has such a powerful voice and you can really hear the emotion behind it. My favorite performances from the Crocodile this season have been all the ballads. He really shines in this one especially! And what a time to peak too.

Judges’ Guesses: Nick Lachey, Jordan Knight, Howie D, Nick Carter

Who Is The Mushroom?

The Mushroom performs “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder in The Masked Singer Finale for Season 4

Final Clues: The final clues for the Mushroom start with him saying his daughter was his “ultimate inspiration.” He channels her manerisms, voice, and love of dressing up. Mushroom says “most of you have shopped to my music in the supermarket and heard me on the radio.” After his performance, Mushroom says, “Music is truly the universal language that connects us all. And Mushroom is a connector!” His holiday gift was for Nicole. He claims, “You’ve been so sweet to me…here’s a sweet holiday treat for you” and gifted her cookie dough ice cream.

Performance: Mushroom sang “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder for his Finale performance. He has amazing energy and this song really shows off his vocals. I honestly think this was his strongest performance all season! The competition is definitely heating up. It’s anyone’s show to win!

Judges’ Guesses: Ne-Yo, Pharrell Williams, Aloe Blacc

Who is The Sun?

The Sun performs “The Story” by Brandi Carlile in The Masked Singer Finale for Season 4

Final Clues: The Sun’s clues mention that she’s been in the industry “since [she] was a kid.” You might see her as a little girl with big dreams or a pop princess or the more grounded person she is today. But as the Sun, she’s been able to show she’s all those things and more. We see her walking with the Northern Lights behind her. Finally, she dedicates her song to her “sol mate,” saying he proves that love conquers all. Sun got emotional after her song, then gave her gift to Robin. It’s mistletoe, which she says is a “thank you for all your compliments and encouragement.”

Performance: It’s only fitting that the last performance of the season comes from the Sun! This time, she sang “The Story” by Brandi Carlile, a personal favorite of mine. And even though this has been covered over and over again, she did it justice. Her voice is so impactful that the standing ovation at the end was 100% justified. That staging at the end was EPIC too!

Judges’ Guesses: LeAnn Rimes, Mandy Moore, Katharine McPhee

And Third Place in The Masked Singer Finale Goes To…

Now that all the performances and clues have been given, we have to see who is taking home the win. But first, we find out who got third place. And this year that was…the Crocodile!

This is shocking because he was one of the favorites to win in our comments! I definitely thought he’d get second, but still a respectable showing. And when he was unmasked, the Crocodile was revealed to be…

The Crocodile is revealed in The Masked Singer Finale for Season 4

Nick Carter!

The judges danced all around this guess but Nick Carter had them fooled! While many other members of the Backstreet Boys were popular predictions, it was Nick in the end. Only Jenny predicted that! And Nick Carter deserved this spot in the finale for sure.

Who Won The Masked Singer Season 4?

The moment we’ve all been waiting for, the announcement of the winner, was last. But certainly not least! And the winner is…the Sun!

Now, it’s time to find out which celebrities are in our top two masks. Starting with the Mushroom, he was unmasked to reveal….

The Mushroom is revealed in The Masked Singer Finale for Season 4

Aloe Blacc!

Mushroom was one of the harder cases to crack this season, but Aloe Blacc should be proud of how he did. Taking second is no easy feat! Especially on such a talent-filled season. But finally, it was time to reveal who our winner is. And the Sun, the winner of The Masked Singer season 4, is…

The Sun is revealed in The Masked Singer Finale for Season 4

LeAnn Rimes!

With that, LeAnn Rimes takes home the Golden Mask trophy, bringing another epic season to an end. It’s been a fun and exciting one, that’s for sure! The Masked Singer will be back for season 5 in 2021, so stay tuned. And head over to our YouTube channel for our full recaps and coverage of The Masked Dancer!

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