Man Swallows Household Items During ‘BGT’ Act — Is It Cool Or Gross?

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Stevie Starr, otherwise known as The Professional Regurgitator got his start on the Britain’s Got Talent stage doing what he does best, swallowing things! The Scottish performer put on quite the show with this bizarre yet fascinating act. Take a look at his audition below.

Stevie Starr Showed Off His Regurgitation Talent On ‘BGT’

Stevie’s act was immediately questioned by the judges who had never seen anything like it before. He first swallowed five coins, and you could actually hear them clink together when they fell into his stomach. Stevie asked the audience which coin they would like for him to return and they responded with coin number three. He was able to retrieve it along with other audience requests in one of the most unique acts ever to appear on ‘BGT.’ In his next trick, The Regurgitator swallowed a ball to retrieve the rest of the money he swallowed. And of course, he made both the ball and the money come back out. He recieved tremendous applause from the audience.


“I didn’t know what I was going to think when you were there to be honest I didn’t think I was going to like it,” Amanda Holden said after watching the act. “I did find it fascinating, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.” Piers Morgan called it “pretty compelling to watch” and admitted that the act made him gag a few times. Simon Cowell asked Stevie if this was actually real or if it was magic. Stevie said that it was something he learned as a child after swallowing his pocket money in the children’s home he lived at. He made it to the semifinals where he hilariously swallowed Amanda’s engagement ring. He was later eliminated from the competition.

Stevie Also Made A Name For Himself On ‘AGT’

Obviously America’s Got Talent fans know Stevie auditioned on season 10. His act featured coins once again like the one he performed on ‘BGT.’ But this time, he stepped up his game tremendously. At the end of his performance, he drank a glass of water and regurgitated dry sugar onto a plate that host Nick Cannon was holding.

He actually ended up reaching the finals and came in fourth place. Stevie became a fan favorite of the judges and the audience, so much so that he was brought back for America’s Got Talent: The Champions. He was eliminated in the preliminary round.

Where Is He Now?

Not surprisingly, Stevie has actually become quite the pioneer of reality talent competitions. ‘BGT’ and ‘AGT’ were only just the start for him. He has competed on France’s Got Talent, Germany’s Got Talent, Croatia’s Got Talent and several others. Basically you name a talent show, and he has been on it.

Also check out his Instagram because this guy is pretty hilarious. He has also been adamant about encouraging people to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Do you think this act is a little bit gross or is it totally cool? For those that have a weak stomach, this act may not be for you. But it is definitely unique and remarkable.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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