It Looks Like Cheryl Is Coming Back To ‘The X Factor UK’

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap


The question has been since last season on The X Factor UK: Would Nicole Scherzinger be back or would she be replaced by Cheryl? X Factor UK host Dermot O’Leary seemed to confirm Cheryl was returning last month. Nicole herself seemed confused as to if she was coming back or not. Well, now the scuttlebutt around London is that Cheryl is already in talks with the producers.

This brings up a whole mess of other questions, however. Will she come back even if her nemesis Louis Walsh is still on the show? Will they get rid of him to bring her back and if so then who will replace him? There were reports that Nicole wanted to leave the show because she wanted to return to her music career…but that seems to not be the case. She said in frustration,

“Simon [Cowell] is so f****** last minute we know in the same month that he announces it. We’ll see what happens.”

Cheryl is an obvious choice to replace Nicole since she, you know, used to do it. The only other person that makes sense is Alesha Dixon who works on BGT and sometimes fills in on The X Factor UK. She might be the less fraught choice too since she seems to get a long with everyone. Either way it’s going to make for good TV.



Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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