Little Girl Runs Off Stage On ‘Germany’s Got Talent’ — What Happens Next Will Shock You

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On ‘Got Talent’ shows contestants always feel the pressure to perform in front of some of the biggest names in the world on the judging panel. Rahel Adriana Brandt competed on Das Supertalent, otherwise known as Germany’s Got Talent in 2018 with her father. At the beginning of the performance, she ran off the stage leaving everyone confused. Check out her audition below.

Father-Daughter Duo Have Surprise Performance On ‘Das Supertalent’

Rahel was joined by her dad on stage as he strummed along on his guitar. She began singing “Havana” by Camila Cabello and seemed very timid. She stopped singing and immediately ran off the stage at the beginning of the song. The judges and the audience were worried and had no idea what was going on. Even her father seemed very concerned and confused. Hip hop music began blaring over the speakers before she emerged again from backstage.

She tricked us all and returned wearing a new hip hop outfit and a hat. Rahel busted into some amazing crumping and hip hop moves. She then challenged her dad to a dance battle. While he did bust out some iconic old school moves, it was Rahel who stole the show. Towards the end of the routine, she pulled out all the stops when she began dancing to “Beat It” by Michael Jackson.


The judges had nothing but rave reviews for Rahel who definitely tricked them with her acting skills. “Great choreography, great number, very, very great, really!” Bruce Darnell said. “So much fire, it was great!” Sylvie Meis said. “You screwed us up there. A HUGE talent!” Dieter Bohlen said. “You just have that, you can’t learn that! A real super talent!” he continued. She was later eliminated from the show. Her audition now has over 7.8 million views. Still, a dancer has yet to win Das Supertalent which is slated to start filming its 14th season in December.

Where Is She Now?

After appearing on Germany’s Got Talent, nothing has slowed down this young dancer. Rahel still continues to pursue dance along with fashion modeling and acting. She currently works with the clothing and streetwear brand Snipes promoting their clothes. She was recently featured in their “Back To School” campaign. The brand collaborated with Adidas in an ad campaign featuring Rahel as the star.

Rahel also uploads dancing videos on both Instagram and on her YouTube channel. She still totally slays with her incredible dance moves whenever given the chance. She finds inspiration to keep dancing from some of the greatest talents around. “My biggest inspiration since I can remember was and still is Michael Jackson!” she told us exclusively. “I was still very little when I watched his music videos and I couldn’t even stand when I began, dancing to his music. So I kinda grew up with it. In addition to that, my dad was dancing since he was a teenager and when got older we always used to battle together.”

The dancer took home the top price of World Champion at a dance competition in 2019. She is currently a two time world champion and a four time German champion according to her Instagram bio.


What did you think of Rahel’s viral audition on Das Supertalent? It seems like it’s about time for a dancer to finally win the show. When asked if she would ever compete on another talent show in the future, she said “Dancing is my passion and I loved being on TV so why not?” so we definitely hope to see her on our television screens again in the future.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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