The Latest ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Auditions Were Classic


The royal wedding wasn’t the only exciting thing that happened yesterday in jolly ‘ol England. While everyone was talking about Megan Markel’s dress and Prince Harry’s ginger beard, the assorted human oddities and talented individuals were gearing up to go in front of the real king of England: Simon Cowell. Last night’s Britain’s Got Talent didn’t disappoint.

Sarah Llewellyn

You know when you are singing opera and then you suddenly start shoving cake in your mouth? Also while doing gymnastics. No? Well then you haven’t seen Sarah’s act. It’s…interesting, but she can really sing. I’ve had to deliver lines on stage with my mouth full of food. It isn’t easy. 4 yeses.

Ben Langley

Being a comedian on the Got Talents is no easy feat when you compare it to all the acrobatics, singers, and whatnot. But Ben is genuinely funny. How often does that happen? Yeses all around.

Made Up North

They are really making boy bands at a young age these days. Some say the days of the boy band are past. Nonsense, I say. These kids are so cute. I can see them becoming dreamy and making the girls, (and some dudes, respect), swoon. They got 4 yeses.

Oscar Donnelly

Oscar is only 6 but he’s got future Lord of the Dance written all over him. He did an Irish…jig, I guess. I’m not sure what it’s called. In my defense I’m from Texas. Any way, he wants to spend his winnings on a Bugatti. Damn, dude. 4 yeses.

Micky P Kerr

I wish I had an elementary school teacher like Micky. That’s his day job. But his passion is writing comedy songs. Comedy songwriting can go horribly wrong if done badly. They can’t all be ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic. But Micky is one funny dude. Yeses all around.

Professor Strange

Amanda forgot that she had hired the good professor for one of her kid’s birthday parties. That is not promising and neither was his act. Nos all around.

Suzanne and Roxanne Chay

This singing and piano playing duo of sisters were encouraged by their mom to do something with their mad musical skills. Well, they did just that by appearing on BGT and ripping it up. They received four much deserved yeses.


You have to ask yourself before you go on one of these shows if people really want to see your act. Trick shots in pool? I mean…I guess. But the judges didn’t think so and he got 4 nos.


I have often said around the office that what magic shows lack is partial nudity, (ask Mel, I literally mention it every week). Luckily, Sora is here to do just that. I won’t give away the trick because it’s too good. Check it out above. 4 Yeses.

Tap Attack

I mean, if you tell me that a group of guys is going to tap dance for me I would probably say no. I thought the last great tap dancer was Gregory Hines and he’s no longer with us, (RIP). But these dudes really brought it. 4 Yeses.

Gruffydd Wyn Roberts

Don’t ask me to pronounce his name. My mouth doesn’t work that way. But what does work is how amazing his voice is. You think opera is easy? Try it. Amanda rewarded him with a golden buzzer.

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