Lapattra Lashai, The Girl Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Stabbed Is Still In Pain And Having A ‘Rough Time’

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Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather’s 20-year-old daughter made headlines back in April after a brutal fight led to her arrest. She got into a physical altercation with Lapattra Lashai, the baby mama of Yaya’s current boyfriend NBA Youngboy at his home. Now, Lapattra is speaking out about how hard the recovery has been for her after the fight and why she has been trying to keep it to herself.

Lapattra Lashai Is Speaking Publicly About Her Injury And Depression

Lapattra posted on Instagram on her private account about the incident. “At this point, I’m still hurting, I don’t think nobody can ever change it or make me happy again,” she said. She posted a picture with her arm in a cast, an injury she sustained during the fight with Yaya. “Nobody knows what I went through these past four months and continuing to go through it,” she continued. Yaya was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon back in April after charging at Lapattra with knives. The two were reportedly fighting over NBA Youngboy after Yaya saw Lapattra at his home. The women got into a heated argument and things turned physical. Yaya grabbed knives from Youngboy’s home and charged at Lapattra.


Yaya began stabbing her over and over again. Lapattra’s stab wounds were so severe that she was laying on the floor when EMT’s arrived. She had to be taken to the hospital immediately. Yaya claimed it was an act of self-defense after Lapattra pulled her hair. For Lapattra, life after the fight has been difficult. Her Instagram post continued saying “April 3, 2020, I could have been dead and gone, but I know what I can say is THANK GOD FOR ANOTHER CHANCE TO BE HERE ON THIS EARTH.” She maintains that she “lost a lot” and has been criticized by people for not speaking publicly about the incident. But her response is simply that it is nobody else’s business but her own.

Yaya Could Be Facing Life In Prison For This Attack

During an Instagram Live video, Lapattra showed off her injuries. She said that she cannot fully extend her arm. She can move it a little bit and said that her arm is not paralyzed. Lapattra has what looks to be a cast or a bandage on her elbow and a small type of cast on her hand. She then removes the cast on her hand to show the viewers on her Instagram Live that she cannot flick her wrist. She really wants to emphasize that her hand that was injured in the fight looks swollen and lacks mobility. This injury has affected her ability to grip things and pick things up. And her recent Instagram post proves that the injury is serious enough for her to still be in a cast even after a few months.

In this case, the length of Yaya’s prison sentence may depend on the extent of Lapattra’s injuries. The state of Texas has ordered Lapattra’s medical records to be included in the upcoming court case against Yaya. This will include photographs of the wounds, x-rays, lab reports and other things that can be used as evidence. All in all, the outlook is not looking too good for Yaya. This could increase her prison sentence she could be looking at which was already 99 years. Not only has Lapattra sustained these arm injuries, but she said in her Instagram post that her life has been “stressful” and “depressing.” She said that every time she goes to the doctor, all she gets is bad news about her arm.

NBA Youngboy Was Just Spotted Out With Yaya Mayweather

While it was initially unclear after the fight whether or not the rapper and the boxer’s daughter were still in a relationship, the pair posted on Instagram together at the end of May. They looked very much like a couple as the song “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker played during the video.

There were several comments on the post asking whether or not Yaya was still going to prison. Many replied suggesting that Floyd’s celebrity status and wealth could potentially keep Yaya from going to prison.


Though some people may think Yaya’s famous father can keep her away from facing a prison sentence for life, she still is due back in court later this year. Floyd has remained pretty quiet about the incident and has instead been focused on paying for the funerals of George Floyd across the United States.

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