Kim Kardashian Starts A Petition To Get Justice For The Murder Of Black Man Ahmaud Arbery [SIGN HERE]

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Kim Kardashian is speaking out about the unlawful murder of Ahmaud Arbery who was gunned down during a neighborhood jog. She started a petition to get justice which you can sign here. Arbery’s killers have not been charged for his murder and his story has been circulating on social media as people call for justice for his family.

Kim Kardashian Wants Her Followers To Sign A Petition

Kardashian wants people to sign this petition calling for charges to be filed in the case. Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer and has helped several people seek justice from the prison system. Now she hopes she can help out the 25-year-old’s family as they grieve. Arbery was a black man who was killed by two armed white men Gregory McMichael, 64, and his 34-year-old son, Travis McMichael. People are calling this an obvious act of racism. Arbery was not doing anything wrong as he was just jogging through his Georgia neighborhood. The McMichael’s claim that they mistook him for a robber. Currently, 58,281 have signed the petition and that is only growing more by the second.

According to the petition, “The DA is personal friends with one of the assailants and has failed to bring charges against either assailant in this blatant incident of racial profiling that led to the untimely death of an innocent man.” With someone like Kim Kardashian and the other celebrities who have been lending a voice to this story, they are hoping it will lead to some sort of punishment for the two men. Kardashian has had success with the justice system in appealing for shorter prison sentences in the past. In 2018, Kardashian appealed for the release of Alice Johnson who was serving a life sentence for a drug offense. She enlisted a team of lawyers to work on Johnson’s case and she was finally freed in June 2018. Now she hopes she can help in some way to give Arbery’s family the justice they deserve.


Protesters Led A March For Justice

In Georgia, people took to the streets to protest this lack of justice for Arbery’s death. They are angry and hurt because of this blatant act of racism. Since the McMichael’s are friends with the DA, it’s clear that they think the racial killing they committed will slide. Protesters allegedly marched to Arbery’s killers home in Brunswick, Georgia. This is after a video surfaced of Arbery’s murder. In the video, you can see the two men corner Arbery as he is jogging and try to beat him before they kill him. It is clear that he was the victim of cold-blooded murder and people are not going to let it get swept under the rug.

Other Celebrities Called For Justice For Ahmaud Arbery

With the story circulating in the media so much, hopefully the two murderers will be held accountable for their horrible actions. Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan took to Twitter to lend his voice as a call for justice.

Ellen DeGeneres also tweeted about it. She said “This young man was jogging, and was hunted down and killed for absolutely no reason other than the color of his skin. His name is Ahmaud Arbery. I join everyone calling out for #JusticeForAhmaud and I’m sending all of my love to his family. #IRunWithMaud

Former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke tweeted “America has always made legal what is immoral when it comes to the treatment of black Americans… whether it’s slavery, segregation, mass incarceration or hunting a black man with your gun because you suspect him of being a criminal.”

Our heart goes out to the Arbery family during this difficult time. Again, you can sign the petition to get justice for this wrongful murder here.


Samantha Agate
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