Kim Kardashian Has NO WAIST Wearing Tight Corset Teasing 40th Birthday Look [VIDEO]

Kim Kardashian Corset Met BallSamantha Agate | Talent Recap

Kim Kardashian has a habit of breaking the internet. The mogul had virtually no waist at all when she posted a video wearing a tight nude corset. Seriously, she looks super snatched in a way that we didn’t know was achievable and might be teasing some more iconic looks ahead of her 40th birthday.

Kim Kardashian Looks Snatched Wearing Corset On Instagram

In the caption on this post, Kim wrote “Just found this in my phone from my special trip to London last year to meet w Mr. Pearl. I wore a corset like this for the Met Ball for my @manfredthierrymugler Camp look but the corset was misplaced that night.” If you remember, for the Met Ball in 2019, Kim showed up wearing an extremely tight nude dress that had a painful corset that Kim was not shy to talk about. “I have never felt pain like that in my life,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. The dress and corset left indentations on her back and her stomach, but for Kim, it definitely seems like she is willing to do anything to be the most fashionable person in any room she walks into.


Her dress was the talk of the town and even her husband Kanye West thought the outfit was a little too sexy. On an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kanye said “Like the corset, underwear, all that vibe, I just feel like I just went through this transition from being a rapper, lookin’ at all these girls — and looking at my wife.” He continued on saying “I didn’t realize that that was affecting like, my soul and my spirit, as someone that’s married and loved and the father of now, about to be four kids,” he continued. “A corset is like, a form of underwear, it’s hot — it’s like, it’s hot for who, though?”

Samantha Agate | Talent Recap

Yeah we know, how did she breathe wearing that thing? It’s the age old question that we are still trying to figure out.

Kim Has Been Working On Some 40th Birthday Looks

“We also might have started making a few more looks including my special 40th bday look. Can’t wait to show you the LOOKSSSS we’ve been cooking up,” she continued on with the caption. While her birthday isn’t until October 21, Kim certainly is taking planning ahead to the next level. Since the star likes to tease fans with her latest launches and releases, she will no doubt be showing off some of her birthdays looks in the coming months. And if her birthday looks are anything like her Met Ball look, she will definitely have some hearts racing. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been showing off a lot of bold outfits on social media lately. She showed off the tightest pair of leather pants in one of her most recent Instagram posts.

Kim first posted the image to promote one of the palettes from her makeup collection but we don’t think anyone was really looking at her makeup. In fact, one of the comments on the post said “Like anyone is looking at her makeup lol.” The answer is no.


Are you excited to see what kind of outfits that Kim is planning to wear for her birthday? If the corset is any indicator, they will definitely be something worth talking about.


Samantha Agate
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