Kid Singers Battle: Will Roberta Battaglia Or Daneliya Tuleshova Win ‘AGT’?

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The finale of America’s Got Talent is next week and we can’t help but make our own predictions about who is going to win the show. Obviously this season we had some incredible kid singers that have shown us what it means to have pure talent. But ultimately, the votes might come down to Roberta Battaglia and Daneliya Tuleshova.

Both Daneliya Tuleshova And Roberta Battaglia Are Vying To Win ‘AGT’

Both Daneliya and Roberta have given it their all in the competition. There could definitely be a case made as to why each of them deserves to win America’s Got Talent. Daneliya really has had tremendous growth on the show. Her audition singing “Tears Of Gold” was a hit with the judges and her fans alike. The 14-year-old Kazakh protegee has already won The Voice Kids in Ukraine and also competed on The World’s Best. Her fanbase spans across the entire world and they have been nothing short of supportive during her journey on America’s Got Talent. Howie Mandel even said that her semi-finals performance was like watching a concert.

Roberta Battaglia is the 11-year-old Canadian that won Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer and the hearts of America. She really shines in her performances and brings a ton of emotion. We have even seen her break down in tears each time the results are read on America’s Got Talent. Just taking one look at Twitter or Instagram comments after Roberta performs makes it clear that she is one of the fan-favorites still left in the competition. The judges have done nothing but sing Roberta’s praises each week and she blew them away singing “What About Us” in the semi-finals.


Who Will Win?

Only one person can win ‘AGT’ and the $1 million prize. So who will it be? As we mentioned before, much of Daneliya’s fanbase is international, which means a lot of them are not eligible to vote for their favorites in the competition. While Roberta is from Canada, she has established quite a huge American fanbase that might give her an edge when it comes time for picking a winner. Another thing that might give Roberta a slight advantage is the way she conveys her emotions. In some ways, she is able to connect to the audience more by crying or showing that she is human and not perfect all the time. Daneliya has tremendous vocal abilities and is an incredible singer, but is a little more shy and reserved.


While both girls are completely deserving of the win, for right now, it seems Roberta has the attention of the American voters. But, anything can change in a week and they each will be performing one more time in the finale for America’s votes. Who do you guys think will win America’s Got Talent 2020? Do you think someone besides Roberta and Daneliya will surprise us and come out on top?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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