Kelly Clarkson’s Silence On ‘Idol’ Runner Up, Nikki McKibbin’s Death Has Fans Puzzled

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Season one American Idol contestant Nikki McKibbin sadly passed away at the age of 42 over the weekend. She suffered a brain aneurysm that led to her hospitalization. Fans, colleagues, friends and family have all been posting tributes and condolences. But everyone is wondering why fellow American Idol Kelly Clarkson has not said anything about Nikki’s death yet.

We did an entire What’s Hot Video about the details surrounding Nikki’s death and also took a look back at her journey on American Idol that launched her career. Definitely check that out as we honor her legacy.

Kelly Clarkson Has Not Spoken Publicly About Nikki McKibbin’s Death

Kelly and Nikki were both two Texas girls who were trying to jumpstart their music careers on American Idol. Nikki actually ended up making it to the top three with Justin Guarini coming in second place. Kelly won the show and has had a groundbreaking career, now as a coach on The Voice and hosting her own talk show.

When news of Nikki’s death first surfaced, fans were waiting to hear Kelly speak on the tragic loss publicly but she has yet to do so. Justin posted a tribute to Nikki on his Instagram which first moved longtime ‘Idol’ fans. He captioned his post “@realnikkimckibbinwas a fiery, funny lady who could sing the Hell out of a rock song with the same kind of ease and command she lovingly used to cut you with her twangy Southern wit.”


“Even in our 20’s when we were on American Idol together I could tell that she’d had a challenging life, and that not that many people had been kind to her along the way…⁣
⁣…but I’ll never forget the day that her idol, Stevie Nicks, sent her flowers with a card that said ‘You are the Gypsy that I was…'” he continued. “Nikki was on cloud nine and the joy and excitement that radiated from her was infectious. After the kind of emotional beating she took at the hands of the masses, she deserved to feel good about herself, even for a little while. “

After Justin posted such a moving tribute, all eyes were on Kelly’s social media as fans waited for her to finally say something.

American Idol also put out a statement on social media. “Nikki McKibbin was an incredible talent and we are deeply saddened by the news of her passing. She was part of our American Idol family and will be truly missed. Our hearts and prayers go out to her family and friends during this difficult time” the statement said.

Will Kelly Speak Publicly About Nikki’s Death?

“I’m pretty shocked and disappointed in Kelly Clarkson not saying anything about Nikki’s passing. You’d think she would out of all ppl” one person commented on our YouTube channel. Another commenter also echoed that they were “disappointed” that Kelly has not said anything.


Kelly is currently filming the second season of The Kelly Clarkson Show, so there is a possibility that maybe in a future show Kelly will say something about Nikki’s death. Other people on Twitter replied to one of Kelly’s tweets asking for her to perform one of Nikki’s songs on the show. That would be the ultimate tribute and such a nice way to honor her memory.


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