Kelly Clarkson Claps Back At Being The ‘Worst Mom Ever’ After She Did This To Her 6-Year-Old

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Kelly Clarkson is not like the regular moms, she’s a cool mom. The talk show host and coach on The Voice took to Twitter to talk about her daughter’s newest hairstyle. River Rose, 6, has a new purple streak in her hair that she thinks is all the rage, and before anyone could shame Kelly, she clapped back and defended her decision.

Kelly Clarkson Told Fans About Daughter River’s New Hairstyle

“I put a purple streak in my daughter’s hair today and I swear to you she thinks she is as cool as Prince now” Kelly tweeted. Music legend Prince was always loved wearing the color purple and appreciated it’s the connotation of royalty. “Full-on air guitar, singing at the top of her lungs, that is what’s happening… and before I get attacked for being the worst mom ever, it’s safe, organic paint” she continued with her tweet. Needless to say, River is really digging her new hairstyle and it definitely seems like Kelly is trying to prevent any haters from commenting on her parenting skills. Mommy-shaming is real online and Kelly definitely does not deserve any of it just for being a fun mom. Kelly is also mother to four-year-old son Remington Alexander that she shares with soon to be ex-husband Brandon Blackstock.

Unfortunately, Kelly did not share a photo of River’s hair, but we can imagine it looks pretty cool. Is it as cool as some of her mom’s hairstyles from her American Idol days? probably. Kelly once opted for blond streaks before dyeing it fully blond on The Voice. At one point, she even shaved the side of her head because she is totally not afraid to try out bold looks. River Rose definitely gets that trait from her mom.


Kelly’s Tweet Sparked People To Share Their Colorful Hairstyles

One fan of Kelly’s tweeted “My niece’s hair was PURPLE at 4 years old. Have fun with your kiddos Kelly.” Kelly wrote “Oh my gosh this is so rad! LOVE IT!!”

People were so excited to show off their kids’ fun summer hairstyles to show Kelly that she doesn’t have to feel like she is under criticism for letting River Rose have purple hair. It’s just a fun way to add some crazy fun colors and creativity to a child’s hair.

One fan even showed off their sons rainbow mohawk in response to Kelly’s tweet. “Children are suppose to have fun and you’re an awesome mom! Never doubt yourself!” they wrote.

Plus, literally, everyone has been dyeing their hair during quarantine and cutting it on their own. We’ve seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian go from brunette to blonde to red, and actress Hilary Duff even dyed her hair blue. It’s really just all about having fun with your look.


Have you dyed your hair any fun colors while in quarantine?


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