Kelly Clarkson Hosts ‘American Idol’ Reunion with Justin Guarini & ALL THREE Season 1 Judges!

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Never forget where you came from! Kelly Clarkson recently hosted an American Idol reunion on her new talk show. She welcomed season 1 judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul; and runner-up, Justin Guarini.

Here are all the clips from her star-studded American Idol reunion!
Kelly Clarkson singing a cover of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”

“Straight Up” (Paula Abdul Cover) Kellyoke

Kelly Clarkson kicked off her show the best way she knows how: by singing! And her cover of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” was the perfect homage to the American Idol judge. It’s so special to see her honor one of the judges who skyrocketed her career! Especially when Paula would sit next to her to talk later in the show.

Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson talk American Idol on The Kelly Clarkson Show

American Idol Season 1 Judges

Kelly starts her segment with the judges being amazed at what a sensation American Idol has become. But Simon Cowell is quick to say that it would’ve never happened without Kelly Clarkson. They had to find a star who would sell records and Kelly did that for them! Paula says “it was a game changer.” Randy said on that day when she auditioned, he knew she was going to win.

American Idol judges talk about dynamic between them on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Then, the American Idol judges got into the dynamic between them. And Kelly relates to Paula being the only girl on a judging panel! Kelly calls out Randy after, saying he introduced her to her musical director, Jason Halbert. Jason then shares a message about how Randy helped him launch his career. His influence goes way beyond just the contestants on American Idol! Kelly also congratulates Paula Abdul on her recent BBMAs performance and Las Vegas residency.

American Idol judges talk about hearing bad singers on The Kelly Clarkson Show

After that, the judges and Kelly Clarkson talked about the worst singers they heard throughout the years. Kelly remembers that she auditioned after someone who did an operatic version of “Lady Marmalade.” Simon said he thought the show was going to be a “disaster” and was totally shocked by its success. The judges then talked about playing a game where they had to say a certain word in their performance critiques. It is HILARIOUS! I love seeing these three together again. And Simon did mention he wanted to get Paula and Randy on another show with him! Fingers crossed.
Simon Cowell discusses AGT and Kodi Lee on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Simon Cowell on Creating AGT and Kodi Lee

After talking to the judges, Kelly had to ask Simon about the talent show empire he has created. He tells the story about how he created America’s Got Talent. Simon explains he was watching a bad talent show and thought, “I’d rather watch dogs dancing than listen to that.” So he made a show where that could happen!

Next, Kelly shows the clip of Kodi Lee’s AGT audition. The audience and judges all applaud after the clip and Kelly thanks Simon for bringing stories like his to light. Simon describes Kodi as “one of the sweetest, nicest people you will ever meet. He is loving every minute of this.” You’ve gotta love Kelly’s support for these up-and-coming artists looking for a start the same way she did. And hey, it clearly works!
American Idol season 1 runner-up Justin Guarini on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Season 1 Runner-Up Justin Guarini

This segment started with well-wishes from some other American Idol season one favorites! Christina Christian, Jim Verraros, and Tamyra Gray updated us on where they are now and said “congratulations” on her new show.

Then, runner-up Justin Guarini came onto the stage. He and Kelly discussed From Justin to Kelly, his Diet Dr. Pepper campaign, and his new book, “Audition Secrets,” which gives tips on how anyone can crush their competition. It was really fun to see them together again! And the judges were all so supportive of him as well. Kelly and Justin were both very appreciative of what Simon, Paula, and Randy did for them too.

The American Idol reunion is just one of the amazing things that Kelly Clarkson has been doing on her talk show though. Check your local listings for when and where to watch!

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