Who Is The Man Julianne Hough Is Quarantined With Instead Of Hubby Brooks Laich — Ben Barnes?


Julianne Hough is making the most out of her quarantine and we couldn’t help but notice the handsome man beside her. British actor Ben Barnes joined Hough for a walk in Los Angeles. Her husband, Brooks Laich was nowhere in sight. Are the two just friends?

Julianne And Brooks Are Not In Quarantine Together

Hough is currently in Los Angeles under lockdown. But she is not joined by her husband. The two are spending some time apart while Laich is self-isolating in Idaho. Though they are spending time apart during the coronavirus pandemic, the two are very much still together according to sources close to them. There does seem to be trouble in paradise though because Hough’s Instagram account is noticeably clear of pictures of the couple. Barnes could very well be her new quarantine buddy.

This is not the first time the couple has spent time apart. According to E! News, “Julianne and Brooks were spending time apart in January to reconsider the future of their marriage together, but were unable to make final decisions on what to do.” Divorce rumors have been constantly swirling after Hough was seen without her ring on out in public. It is hard to tell if Hough is wearing her wedding ring in the photos with Barnes but it doesn’t appear that she is. But maybe Hough and Laich are just handling quarantine a little bit different than every other couple.


Who Is Ben Barnes?

Barnes may look familiar to you because he has been all over television. He took on the role of Prince Caspian in the iconic Chronicles of Narnia series. More recently, he had standout roles in The Punisher series on Netflix and another breakout performance in the popular HBO drama Westworld. His resume is definitely stacked. He is currently single. His mother is actually a relationship counselor. Barnes spoke about love in a 2015 interview. He learned about love from his mother. He said “Love is something that comes out of a mutual trust with your partner. Shared goals, humor, the excitement when your hands touch… Those are things you can’t tell at first glance. Maybe lust, but not love!”

But sources say Hough and Barnes are just two are very good friends. They have hung out together on multiple occasions over the past few years at Hollywood events and at Hough’s home. She even shared an Instagram video in the past of Barnes goofing around in her house. Now it seems like the two may be spending their quarantine together.

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It seemed like the pair were not practicing social distancing well in paparazzi photos however because they were walking pretty close together. Hough got so comfortable she began to walk in her socks and carried her shoes in her hands.

Brooks Laich Is Spending Quarantine With His Dog

Dogs really are a man’s best friend. The former hockey player is currently in Idaho with his dog whom he called a “soul companion” in an Instagram post. And if you follow him on Instagram you know that much like his wife, his account rarely has any pictures of the couple. He has only been posting pictures with his dog recently. It is unclear if Laich has ever even met Ben Barnes.

This comes after Laich said on his How Men Think podcast: “One of my goals this year is to really explore like, learning about sexuality.” He went on to say “A big part of my journey in 2020 is exploring my sexuality, and by that I don’t mean if I’m gay or straight. I mean, like, in my sexual relationship. What is my sexuality? What am I craving, what are my desires and what are my wife’s?” It seems pretty interesting that he wants to figure this out meanwhile he and his wife are spending time apart.


Hough made an appearance on the ABC Disney Sing-Along last night and looked happier than ever as she danced around her house. Her brother Derek also put on an elaborate performance. Be on the lookout to see if Hough posts any Instagram stories with Barnes. Do you think Barnes and Hough are more than just quarantine buddies?


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