Judge Moved To Join Fierce Vietnamese Dancers On Stage During ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ Audition

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When Hanoi XGirls stepped onto the Asia’s Got Talent stage they immediately brought a fun energy to the show. Judge David Foster remarked that not all of the members of the group were girls, but they had an epic response before their fun performance. Plus, one of the judges came up onto the stage to dance with them. Check out their iconic season three audition below.

Hanoi XGirls Were Joined On Stage By Jay Park During Their ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ Act

Once the dance crew from Vietnam introduced themselves as the Hanoi XGirls, David had some questions. “I’m not thinking that all of you are girls, am I right?” David asked. The group handled it well and the dancer with the microphone jokingly looked around and asked “But is there any boys here? No, we are all girls.” The crowd began applauding. “Don’t ask questions you don’t know about, David” said one of the hosts from backstage. David labeled the dancer with the microphone as “Miss Pink.”

The group launched into a jam-packed routine that highlighted wacking and tutting and we were all dazzled by their stage presence. “For me, in general, I thought the choreography was really unique and it told a story and that doesn’t always happen on this stage so good going,” David said after watching the performance.

“It was definitely a solid performance I mean there were a few minor slip-ups but I don’t think it hindered your overall performance,” judge Jay Park said. “You guys all have very charismatic expressions and you were all very fierce and I liked it.” David then asked Jay if he would join Hanoi XGirls on stage to dance with Miss Pink. He of course was a good sport about it even after being put on the spot.


Jay went up to the stage and danced with the group while Miss Pink did all kinds of splits and fun dance moves. They were so happy that Jay joined in and it turned into one super fun dance party. They were voted into the Semi-Finals and as they left the venue, they playfully chanted “Jay Park.” In the Semi-Finals, Hanoi XGirls performed a cat-inspired routine where they wore black leather catsuits. Though they completely brought a huge light and fun routine to the stage, they were eliminated from the competition.

The Group Continues To Put On Fun Dance Performances

After appearing on Asia’s Got Talent, Hanoi XGirls continues to upload amazing dance performances to their YouTube channel and Instagram.

One of their most popular videos with 2.7 million views is dance choreography to Doja Cat’s smash hit song “Say So.”

Hanoi XGirls hold workshops where they get to teach dances and hangout with those that have watched them blossom on Asia’s Got Talent.


This high-energy dance group has grown quite the following after appearing on Asia’s Got Talent and we can’t wait to see what they do next.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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