John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Test Each Other’s Loyalty with a LIE DETECTOR!

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Our favorite couple is back at it! ‘The Voice‘ judge and ‘all of me‘ singer John legend and his spunky and more Instagram famous than him wife aka Chrissy Teigen are goals but will this test shake their foundation of trust? Find out!

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

The test starts with John asking Chrissy questions first and obviously she corrected him on how Teigen is pronounced. It Good start John! As the interview progressing we come to find out that ‘they were keeping it sexy’ this morning and John had to stop her from blurting out more details, which as we all know is typical Chrissy. Remember the time she told us that they had sex in the white house?

John And Chrissy Fight Over Who Has More Social Media Followers

And just for the record, Chrissy has more Instagram followers and John has more Twitter followers. She doesn’t like his vocal warm ups and well, we kind of have to agree with her there John. We do still love you though, just keep those at home.

“Even though we are married do you find other men attractive?”

Of course, our girl Chrissy Teigen said she does and this what makes her relatable guys? She is all of us.

But there is one question Chrissy’s interview raised, did John approve of the butt picture she posted of him? They both were in Paris and drunk when it happened but John Legend still denies sanctioning the picture. Although it is still up, so …

She does give respect to the hacked that hacked John Legend’s Twitter. Which given that he/she wrote, “I have a small penis” as John’s bio is hilarious.

Cute John Legend Answers to Lookout for!

John Legend did say that in high school he would not have been lucky enough to date Chrissy Teigen, he said the sweetest things ever “I would have to get to where I was before I was in your league…”

And then Chrissy does put him the spot by asking him what her imperfections were since the song ‘all of me’ is written for her. He dodged the question until she insists and then John finally tell us all, “when you don’t laugh at my jokes!” Who knew John had so much in common with my ex. He also loves her feet and yes they have a pre-nup

OOPS! Married Chrissy Teigen REVEALS She’s On Tinder! Is It OK?

Did you know about Chrissy Teigen gushing over John Legend’s this romantic gesture!


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