Jeffree Star Defends Shane Dawson And Finally Speaks Out About Tati And James Charles Drama [VIDEO]

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After a long-awaited return, Jeffree Star is back and just posted a ten-minute YouTube video called ‘Doing What’s Right,’ during which he apologized to the beauty YouTuber James Charles, spoke about Shane Dawson, Black Lives Matter and his personal reflections.

Jeffrey Star In His New Video On ‘Doing What’s Right’

Watch Jeffrey Star’s Confession To The World

Jeffrey Star is back after a long social media break and people were wondering why?

Guilt Of His Past Actions

In Star’s words, ‘ In the past I have been guilty of speaking out of anger out of frustration, emotions, I am so quick to grab my phone and say whatever is on my mind at that moment without thinking the ramifications of my words, my actions and for the first time in a very long time I am only reflecting on my behavior and mine alone and I’ve come to a lot of realizations to actually understand everything that I was a part of. And really start a new chapter for myself.’

Star said in the video. “I know this may sound shocking coming from my mouth, but when you accept that you are the problem, you can become the solution.”

On Denying Accusations And Apologizing To James Charles

Jeffrey Star’s Doing What’s Right clears out the air that he is ‘not exposing anyone today but my lawyers will be’ denying some of the accusations that have been made about him by YouTubers like Tati Westbrook. “Dramageddon 2.0,” the 2019 feud between Charles, Westbrook, and Star, was the main subject of Westbrook’s recent video Breaking My Silence. Westbrook accused Star and Dawson of having “manipulated” her into making her initial “Bye Sister” video that instigated the feud.

James Charles’ confessions on No More Lies

He apologized to James Charles and said he remains close with Dawson, who has yet to return to the internet after being scrutinized for old, offensive videos that contain racist content and inappropriate jokes and interactions with minors. Star said he’s never blackmailed anyone and that he’s never been to jail.

Jeffree Star’s Controversial Video ‘Cremated’

“I didn’t try to take anyone down. I’m not a villain in a movie. This isn’t a Netflix series with a crazy storyline. I know it sounds like it, and trust me, I’m sure I’d watch it as well, but this is my real life,” Star said. “A lot of things that are happening and being said are false.” 

On Breonna Taylor And BLM

Jeffrey Star’s Doing What’s Right also talks about Breonna Taylor still has no justice and justice for black trans-women who are being murdered every day in the news is silent. Elijah Mclaim still has no justice and the countless other people and everyone goes on with their business.

On Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics CEO ended the video by saying that his makeup line is meant to be inclusive and that he will have a new makeup launch in August. He did not comment on his recent fall out with Morphe and is going strong promoting his own brand.

Jeffrey’s ex collaboration with Morphe

The comments section of Jeffree Star’s Doing What’s Right is disabled shortly after the video went live.


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