James Graham Discusses How ‘The Four’ Picks Songs

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Without a doubt, one of the standout stars so far this year on The Four:Battle For Stardom is British soul singer James Graham. He successfully defended his seat last week and will probably do the same tonight. He an Stephanie Zalaya are clearly the ones to beat. We all know that song choice is everything…but how do they pick the songs on the show?

When Kendyle Paige was on our show last week, she told us that as a challenger you don’t really have much choice in the matter. The producers at The Four kind of assign you a song and you hope for the best. But according to James, (at least if you are a member of The Four), you get input on what you sing. James said,

“After the show, we just went in with the producers and the executives and they give some ideas and then they’re like, “Have you got any ideas?” Then we sing through a few things and there’s usually one that fits the best. They’re great actually. This show is amazing in that it let’s the artist speak for itself a lot. They’re like, “Listen, we want you to go into that challenge feeling the most confident you can possibly feel. So, if you’re not confident singing this, we need you to find a song that you are comfortable singing.” So, it’s a joint effort but they do leave it down to the artist, which is really, really good.”

That’s always been the question on any of these talent shows, how much input do the artists get and how much is manipulated by the producers for drama, etc. We’ve heard from several sources that at The Four the producers direct the action very much the way they want it. Clearly, they are hoping that wither James or Stephanie win.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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