James Charles Launches Biggest YouTube Beauty Collab EVER But Is It Jeffree Star Approved?

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James Charles is giving fans of the YouTube beauty community something to smile about. His recent video features several iconic beauty gurus to create the biggest “Get Ready With Me” challenge in history. And the best part is, the video is raising money for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.

In last week’s episode of James’ YouTube show Instant Influencer, he challenged the contestants to do a collab with some of the beauty world’s hottest influencers. He wanted to do a video inspired by that challenge, but COVID-19 has obviously prevented these stars from collaborating in person. He did the next best thing, a virtual collab!

8 Amazing Beauty Gurus Teamed Up For This Epic YouTube Collaboration

Nikkietutorials kicked off the collaboration by applying the foundation. She spoke about her coming out experience earlier in 2020 when she announced to the world that she is transgender. Nikkie spoke about the warmth and the love that she has recieved from people. Makeup helps her stay true to herself and her foundation looks flawless. She passes on the torch to Patrick Starrr who puts on concealer. He shouted out James for his show and how it’s really paving the way for the beauty industry. Nikita Dragun is next with contouring and blush and says that quarantine is a time to be “extremely reflective.” Mykie, the special effects queen, showed viewers how she does her eyebrows.

Of course, James took the reigns for the eyeshadow portion using his own mini Morphe palette. James actually revealed that he does not watch beauty videos on YouTube that much. He said that his guilty pleasure is actually watching Survivor. He passes on some eyelashes to Bretman Rock. Bretman has been hanging out with his plants and his boyfriend during quarantine and even admitted that he makes his boyfriend go to the store for him. He even cut his hair and dyed it blue and was totally serving looks. Manny MUA showed how to get his signature glow with a highlighter and said it’s great to show a sense of “community and solidarity in such a tough time.” The quarantine has helped him get closer to his family. Manny passes a lipliner to Louie Castro who also has enjoyed spending time with his family in quarantine.


Some Famous Members Of The Beauty Community Were Noticeably Absent From The Video

Of course, not every single big YouTube beauty guru could be included in this video. But, as James claimed that he was bringing the beauty community together, he could’ve patched up some of his old feuds. Jeffree Star who has 18.1 million subscribers would have definitely made a huge impact on donations if he was included in the video. James and Jeffree who were once friends saw their friendship crumble last year. Their feud also involved another huge YouTuber, Tati Westbrook who has 9.54 million subscribers of her own. In short, their beef started when James began promoting Sugar Bear Hair vitamins which are in competition with Tati’s own brand Halo Beauty’s vitamins. She then uploaded a video explaining why she will no longer be friends with James. Jeffree then posted tweets saying that James was no longer invited into his home.

Jeffree has also taken it upon himself to help people during this time. He is sending people money via Cash App who are struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The drama in the beauty community is ongoing, but had they put aside their drama to all make this video, perhaps that would have been a nice quarantine surprise. People support all three of the artists for a multitude of reasons. A collaboration featuring all of them together again to benefit COVID-19 relief would literally break the internet. Also noticeably absent from this collab is Jaclyn Hill. Both James and Jaclyn have collabed with Morphe in the past but Jaclyn has had a rough year after her lipstick scandal.

James Charles Donated Thousands For COVID-19 Relief

James ended the video explaining why he feels it’s necessary to give back to those in need during this time. “As beauty gurus and YouTubers we are incredibly lucky and grateful to still be able to do our jobs during this really awful global pandemic and we know that unfortunately, that is not the case for everybody else. We are all super grateful for all of you guys watching us and supporting us on a daily basis,” he said.


“Because this video was so special today to thank you for supporting us, we wanted to do our part as YouTubers and support people who have been affected by the virus and COVID-19 relief,” he continued. James encouraged people to donate to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO. Google pledged to donate two dollars for every one dollar that is donated. He personally donated $25,000 to COVID-19 relief which then became $75,000 with the help of Google.

According to the fundraiser organizer, these donations will help ensure patients get the care they need, frontline workers get essential supplies and information and accelerate efforts to develop vaccines, tests and treatments. So far, almost $5 million has been raised.


Samantha Agate
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