Jackie Evancho In Tears Talking About Her Identity Struggles And PREDICTS ‘Masked Singer’ Winner

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Jackie Evancho In Tears Talking About Her Identity Struggles And PREDICTS 'Masked Singer' Winner (1)YouTube

The most recent ‘Masked Singer’ reveal was super shocking. Former America’s Got Talent standout Jackie Evancho was revealed to be the Kitty. She dazzled audiences with her sweet yet sultry personality. But Jackie opened up on The Masked Singer aftershow about her struggles to have confidence in herself and find her identity. Take a look.

Being Unmasked Broke Jackie Evancho’s Heart

Jackie made an appearance on the social-distancing aftershow via video chat along with Nick Cannon, Nicole Scherzinger, season one contestant Donny Osmond and comedian Jeff Dye. When speaking about her elimination Jackie said: “I was fighting back tears under that mask.” You can tell that she really embraced being on the show by letting her incredible voice shine through. She was really sad to go. We were sad to see her go too. The judges had previously guessed that the Kitty was Sarah Hyland from Modern Family, Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie. Nicole Scherzinger said that she thought it could be Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts or Ashley Tisdale under the mask.


Donny said he did not even consider it being Jackie because she is not normally known to be sassy or swing her hips and perform more mature songs. It is important to note that Jackie is a classically trained opera singer so this was way out of her wheelhouse. Jackie said that normally she lacks confidence. But under the mask, when judges were comparing her to some other great singers she gained more confidence. “This whole experience really taught me to trust myself more with my talents and my artistry so thank you The Masked Singer, it’s really special to me,” she said. With pipes like those, she should have all the confidence in the world.

Jackie Cried Speaking About How The Show Helped Her Figure Out Her Identity

Jackie said her favorite moment on the show was when she was singing “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande. “I had never used this part of my voice before so when I got out there and I started singing and I got in my comfort spot, that feeling of being proud of myself and having fun really just stuck with me,” she said. She got less nervous as time went on and really just had fun.

“I have been such a lost person for so long because I never really had an opportunity to figure out who I want to be in my life” she continued. “I mean I knew it would involve music and I knew I was a creative passionate person but I didn’t know a direction, I didn’t know anything. It really makes me tear up because I don’t think The Masked Singer crew and everyone involved knows how much it affected me” she said. Jackie was crying and visibly emotional when she said this.

Child Stardom From Talent Competitions Often Puts People In A Mold

Donny Osmond shed light on the fact that Jackie was thrust into the spotlight at just 10 years old. He said that people tend to freeze that moment in time. It then causes the artist to constantly feel like they have to reinvent themself. Donny mentioned that people are going to realize after her appearance on The Masked Singer that Jackie is not just some 10-year old that sings Phantom of the Opera songs anymore.


This is so true because when young contestants appear on these reality talent competition shows, it seems like people will always remember them as just that; a young kid on a talent show. It’s hard to show another side of you and still get a positive response from fans which is clearly something Jackie has struggled with. But everyone grows up, and sometimes that means change. People need to accept that Jackie is older now and wants to explore other areas of artistry other than just opera.

When asked who she thought was going to win The Masked Singer, Jackie jokingly said she thought it was going to be the Kitty. But she thinks that either the Frog or the Rhino will win. She called the Frog a “crowd-pleaser” and we totally agree. The Frog knows how to work the audience and have everyone up on their feet during his performances. Let’s see if Jackie’s prediction is right.

The Masked Singer will be back for the Semifinals with the top four contestants next Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX.

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