Jackie Evancho Claps Back At Haters After Posting A Suggestive Photo

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Jackie Evancho may have just been revealed to be the Kitty on The Masked Singer, but that has not stopped people from looking at her as if she is still a little kid. The 20-year-old singer recently posted some Instagram photos showing a little skin. She had to clap back at some people who claim that her picture is too revealing.

The picture features Jackie wearing a matching black bra and underwear while laying on a bed. She is also wearing a button down shirt over top. You can see a smidgeon of her toned stomach.

Some Fans Think Jackie Is Damaging Her Wholesome Image

Not everyone was a fan of seeing their favorite child America’s Got Talent contestant all grown up. “Am I the only one missing innocent Jacky?” asked one Instagram user who did not even bother to spell her name correctly. “Your talent is great and it shows on its own. No need to advertise in other ways. You’re beautiful, and you don’t want people following you for the wrong reasons,” she continued. We’re pretty sure a ton of people could be following Jackie because of her successful eight albums and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts. She is an extremely talented musician and advocates for LQBTQ issues. She clapped back at her hater saying “it’s just art in the form of photography guys 🙁 I’m 20 and I’m completely covered too. Can’t you support my other adventures into other parts of artistry as well?” She raised a valid question.


Another comment said “Ahhh this is so weird lol I watched you grow up.” This prompted Jackie to respond by saying “haha I know right? But I’m glad you’re here.”


Another Instagram comment said, “Wow just do playboy or post half-naked pics like every other female on the internet.” Being that Jackie is 20 years old and is in control of her own body, she is allowed to post whatever she wants on Instagram. “Why? People are now ogling you. You are beautiful but you don’t need to make other people fantasize and be gross toward you,” said another hater. Seems like this commenter can’t handle Jackie’s steamy pics.


Jackie Evancho Embracing Her Sexy Side

Expressing a more sexy confident side of her, seems to be a recent trend on Jackie’s timeline. Not only is she posing other photos taken during this photo shoot, but she also keeps on dropping some sexy playful captions. In this particular shoot she seems like she was feeling really confident and unafraid to go out of her comfort zone. One comment said “You have a beautiful soul. Why go to other places?”

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Another post from Jackie had her showing off a little bit of her legs. One comment said “Omg, Jackie you are not losing your “older” fan base. That is absurd. I think the older fans want you to stay little Jackie.” What’s absurd is that people cannot seem to realize that everyone grows up at some point. Another Instagram comment said “Sad excuse to whore it up.” It’s like a woman can’t post anything anymore without being under scrutiny in some capacity.

In another post, Jackie wore a black dress with a plunging neckline. A comment on this post said “What a waste of a good voice. Unfollowing… I didn’t follow this account for porn.”

Jackie Evancho: “Are you jealous?”

Does anyone else think that people are totally overreacting? She is entitled to do whatever she wants and probably will not stop any time soon. True fans are the ones that stick around and support all of her decisions.

Jackie Evancho’s Appearance On ‘The Masked Singer’ and Unleashing Her Sexy Side

On The Masked Singer, the Kitty came straight out of the gate with a sexy performance of Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman.” This is obviously not a song that Jackie would normally sing as a classically trained opera singer. She danced on a chair as the Kitty and really was the perfect combination of sultry and sweet.

 Jackie spoke about her elimination on The Masked Singer aftershow about her struggles to have confidence in herself and find her identity. She loved being on the show because it gave her the opportunity to find herself and branch out. Season one contestant Donny Osmond shed light on the fact that Jackie was thrust into the spotlight at just 10 years old. He said that people tend to freeze that moment in time. It then causes the artist to constantly feel like they have to reinvent themself.

Jackie Evancho On Idolizing Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga

When young contestants appear on these reality talent competition shows, it seems like people will always remember them as just that; a young kid on a talent show. It’s hard to show another side of you and still get a positive response from fans which is clearly something Jackie has struggled with based on these Instagram comments alone. But everyone grows up, and sometimes that means change. So what’s next for Jackie? During a virtual appearance on Entertainment Tonight, Jackie said “I would like to have a career like Lady Gaga in terms of music and talent and Kim Kardashian in terms of entrepreneurship.

Jackie is well on her way to becoming even more of a powerhouse and we can’t wait to see other avenues she explores in the future.


People need to accept that Jackie Evancho is older now and wants to explore areas of artistry other than just opera, and is more than entitled to post a picture not fully covered up.

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