Is There A Feud Brewing Between Blake Shelton And Luke Bryan?

Luke Bryan was chosen to be on the relaunched version of American Idol next year. Many people have said, (because it’s true), that he was hired to be the Blake Shelton of American Idol. He’s a male, country superstar with a wonderful ‘aw shucks’ quality. But could it be that Blake is jealous?

In this clip from Ellen, she reads a statement by Blake that now that Luke is going to be on American Idol people are going to see just how “dumb he really is” but that he “loves him like a brother”. This is the kinds of shenanigans that Blake pulls with Adam on The Voice. I guess it’s just how Blake shows affection. In this case is it that he is threatened by Luke? He’s younger and arguably more popular as a current artist. Now he’s moving into Blake’s territory as a talent show judge.

Or it could all be BS and they really are friends. After all, Blake had Luke on as a guest on season 12 of The Voice. It will be interesting to see what happens when these two good ‘ol boys go up against each other.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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