Is Taylor Swift A Good Mega Mentor For ‘The Voice’ Knockouts?

Jill O'Rourke
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Taylor Swift appears on "The Voice" as a Mega MentorNBC

Superstar Taylor Swift showed up on Monday’s new episode of The Voice as a Mega Mentor. She’ll be joining all the coaches as they advise their artists before the Knockout performances.

Taylor Swift’s bestm oments on ‘The Voice’

Coach Blake Shelton predicted that Taylor would be “perfect” as a mentor, “because she’s experienced everything in front of the world’s eye, as far as being a star and being on stage.” So was Taylor Swift a good mentor? Read on to find out!

“The Voice” contestants react to Taylor Swift as a Mega Mentor.

Taylor Swift Is A Mega Mentor On ‘The Voice’

Taylor was very attentive to the artists on Monday’s episode. She was great at balancing positive feedback with constructive criticism. For instance, she suggested that Cali Wilson show more emotion while singing “Wicked Game.” She even offered specific feelings Cali could display, from “disbelief” to “betrayal.”

The singer also wasn’t afraid to get on stage and demonstrate how she thought Marina Chello could improve her performance with body language. Later, she warned Jake Hoot against his nervous habit of swaying while he sings. It’s these little details that take a performance to the next level, and Taylor knew how to point them out in a supportive way.

Taylor Swift is a Mega Mentor on “The Voice.”

What Did Taylor’s Fans Think Of Her Appearance?

Obviously, Taylor’s fans were excited to watch her appear on The Voice. From the reaction online, it looks like they definitely approved of her approach to mentoring the artists.

Check out a few positive reactions to her appearance below, including a couple of chef’s kisses. And really, is there any better way to express your approval?

Taylor will once again appear as a mentor on Tuesday night’s new episode of The Voice, and through the rest of the Knockouts. We can’t wait to see what she says to the other artists.

What did you think of Taylor’s mentoring skills? Did she give good advice? Let us know in the comments.

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