Is Piers Morgan Taking Part On ‘X Factor: Celebrity’ Next Year?!

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Rumours are already spreading as to who may be on next year’s ‘Celebrity’ version of ‘X Factor’. Nicole Scherzinger said, before last night’s finale that she’d love to see TV presenter and journalist Piers Morgan take to the stage. To our surprise, he seems content about the possibility!

Piers Morgan, our next ‘Celebrity’ contestant?

Nothing is in place as of yet, for obvious reasons, but Piers joining next year’s lineup would definitely be something to tune in for. He posted a picture of the magazine column on his Instagram with the caption, ‘Finally…. Yes, @nicolescherzinger’:

So, the big question is… can Piers actually sing? Well, there’s pretty hardcore evidence to answer that question, courtesy of GMB!

Piers has featured as a judge on ‘Got Talent’ before

Piers is not completely unfamiliar with the talent show format, he’s featured on both BGT and AGT in the past. Although he said he’d never go back to AGT as a judge, maybe a contestant on X Factor may suit him better.

Piers Morgan on America’s Got Talent

Louis Walsh responds to X Factor axe

Image result for louis walsh and megan mckenna winner
The X Factor judges and winner, Megan McKenna last night at the finale

After winning the ‘Celebrity’ version as a mentor with Megan McKenna, Louis is still facing the axe from Cowell in the lead up to ‘The Band’. For the first time in the show’s history, there will only be two judges this year.

“He obviously has a lot of experience working with bands such as Westlife. But Simon Cowell had other ideas. He felt it would make more sense to have him mentoring the boys and Nicole looking after the girls. Louis was offered a role as an adviser,” a source has revealed.

Are you sad to see Louis leave the panel ahead of ‘The Band’? Let us know!

“Louis respects the producers’ decision and knows they do what is best for the show. There is certainly no bad blood or fallout,” the source went on to say.

We’re glad that his decision hasn’t fuelled any future feuds between both Louis and Simon as they both work great together on the judge panel. Besides, there’s a big chance Louis will be back for ‘Celebrity’ in 2020.

X Factor: The Band’ returns to our screens December 9th on ITV & AXS TV.

Read about the ongoing feud between Simon Cowell and Little Mix HERE!

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